What are the common faults of regulating valve?

1. The valve stem is deformed; due to improper transportation or improper use conditions (pressure difference is beyond the allowable range), the leakage amount is too large. Due to insufficient force. Or the deposition of impurities on the sealing surface breaks the fit between the valve plug and READ MORE

Analysis: The future lighting market will reach 296.2 b…

According to the data, the global compounding market for the global lighting products will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 10.4% in 2017-2025, which is expected to increase from $133.943 billion in 2017 to $296.23 billion in 2025. The report divides the types of lighting products into LED l READ MORE

Fan cable safety technical measures

I. Project Overview Because the main and auxiliary fans of the 2238 auxiliary roadway and the main and auxiliary fan cables of the 2102 lane of the 2317 working face have been fired and deactivated, it is necessary to recover the upper well. In order to ensure the safe lifting of the fan lifting an READ MORE

Gold ore technology for raw ore roasting carbon slurry

Roasting carbon slurry method with gold mining technology: Gansu Longxi Gold is a large-scale gold mining, metal reserves total more than 30 tons, average grade geology of 5 g / ton. The end of 2001 completed and put into daily processing 300 tons ore beneficiation plant. The total investment of min READ MORE

There are several reasons why outdoor LED display canno…

In the use of outdoor led display, often appear to be unable to load phenomenon. Led display manufacturer Ying Bao electronics from the following aspects to analyze the reason why the led display is not loaded. 1. Check if the jumper cap is loose or loose; if the jumper cap is not loose, make sur READ MORE

Confirm that the eyes are right for the car 2018 sanita…

Speaking of sanitation vehicles, we can immediately think of people playing music in the streets and sanitation sprinkler station in the garbage truck. But when it comes to Fukuda Proko, some people may not know where it came from and what products it has. Happily, at this “20th Beijing READ MORE

Toyota and Central Electric Co. Collaborate on Recovery…

According to foreign media reports, the Central Electric Power Company of Japan announced that it has reached a cooperation with Toyota Motor to recycle used batteries of Toyota's electric vehicles (hybrids and electric vehicles) and establish a large-capacity battery system. With the large-s READ MORE