ISO Certificate NdFeB Permanent Suspension Magnet for Iron Ore/Conveyor/Feeder

Model NO.: RCYB
Energy Saving: Energy Saving
Warranty: 1 Year
Color: Multi Color
Customized: Customized
Condition: New
Belt Width: 500-2000mm
Suspension Heighth: 150-550mm
Material Depth: 100-500mm
Power: 1.5-11kw
Belt Speed: 4.5
Working System: Continuous
After-Sales Service: Technical Service
Trademark: Baite
Transport Package: Steel Frame and Wood Carton
Specification: carbon steel
Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)
HS Code: 84741000

RCYB Series Suspension magnetic separator has strong magnetic field intensity.It was made up of high remanence and high coercivity rare earth permanent magnet NdFeB material.ensure the magnetism can not be affected by environmental temperature and mechanical vibration. High intensity magnetic ensured that the magnetism can not be affected by environmental temperature and mechanical vibration.The surface of magnetic materials is electroplated and treated with strict anti-corrosion during assembly.The unique magnetic circuit was designed by advanced computer simulation means and patented technology.the equipment has good advantages of  high magnetic field intensity,no energy consumption and a long service life. It is easy to install and use without maintenance.
ISO Certificate NdFeB Permanent Suspension Magnet for Iron Ore/Conveyor/Feeder

Technical Feature
1.It was designed by our company ,strong magnetic field intensity.
2.Simple installation,convenient to operate ,high efficiency and stable performance ,free maintenance.
3.It is used to  remove 0.1-30kg of ferromagnetic material which mixed in the raw material as it passes through the powerful magnetic field.
4.the permanent magnetic field usage is  more than 10 years.
5.The technical specifications of the product accord with standard of JB/T8711-1998 .
ISO Certificate NdFeB Permanent Suspension Magnet for Iron Ore/Conveyor/Feeder

It has three model,such as light type,high intensity type,standard can choose the product according your own needs.It is widely used in mining, coal/power generation plant and also in chemical/ food/plastic/ ceramics industries.In addation,for belt conveyor,vibrating conveyor and feeding chute to eliminate the waste iron .

ISO Certificate NdFeB Permanent Suspension Magnet for Iron Ore/Conveyor/Feeder
ISO Certificate NdFeB Permanent Suspension Magnet for Iron Ore/Conveyor/Feeder

Technical Data
NO. Model Model Adaptive 
 core type
1 High 
RCYB-4A 400 120 80 4.5 45 400 250 120 Ferrite
2 RCYB-5A 500 130 100 66 500 300 130
3 RCYB-6A 600 150 130 97 600 350 150
4 RCYB-8A 800 200 150 248 800 500 170
5 RCYB-10A 1000 230 200 390 1000 600 190
6 Light 
RCYB-4-1 400 100 60 75 400 250 140 Rare-earth
7 RCYB-5-1 500 120 80 95 500 270 160
8 RCYB-6-1 600 140 100 158 600 350 180
9 RCYB-8-1 800 180 140 480 800 600 260
10 Standard RCYB-4 400 150 100 115 400 300 230 Built-up magnet
11 RCYB-5 500 175 120 206 500 300 260
12 RCYB-6 600 180 140 295 600 400 280
13 RCYB-6.5 650 200 160 450 650 400 300
14 RCYB-8 800 250 200 680 800 600 320
15 RCYB-10 1000 300 250 770 1000 800 320
16 RCYB-12 1200 320 260 850 1200 800 350
17 RCYB-14 1400 320 280 1080 1400 1000 350
Note:All themodels have T1,T2,T3design whose magnetic intensity is higher than standard.
The magnetic 90mt,120mt and 150mt separately,Discard iron belt can b
e equipped with armor.

Company & Customer Visiting
There is no better , only better.
Weifang baite Magnet Technology Co., Ltd . is a modern joint-stock enterprise, which is producing magnetic and power equipment .The service is related to more than 10 areas ,such as electricity , coal ,building materials, metallurgy ,ports ,mining ,nonferrous metals ,power environmental production .At present ,we  have provided more than 3000 domestic customers with reliable and value-added and convenient professional equipment and programes, and at the same time ,we occupy more than 60%magnetic separation equipmemt matching share of China ball mill, crusher, iron sand ship and other production industry, Baite has firmly implemented IS09001:2000 international quality magnagement system standard and IS010012 international quality inspection system standard.
ISO Certificate NdFeB Permanent Suspension Magnet for Iron Ore/Conveyor/Feeder

Factory Advantages & Service
Baitemagnet factory for general users and special users design and production of various types of customized products.The company owns 3, 000 square meters of mine machinery production plant in linqu area of weifang, and each product has a separate workshop to assemble specialized production workers.Most of our products are self-developed products, combining with advanced technology at home and abroad to ensure that the industry is competitive and fully meets the technical requirements of customers.Our production capacity is strong, and we have a special production line for customers who are in urgent need of the goods.
We are full of enthusiasm, high quality service, think the customer value is the principle. Provide the spare parts and vulnerable parts of the products at the factory price.
Once the equipment failure in the process of production, the company within 24 hours to the customer's phone must come up with a clear solution, and to resume production first and then the responsibility attitude quickly solve the problem

ISO Certificate NdFeB Permanent Suspension Magnet for Iron Ore/Conveyor/Feeder
1.Q: Can you provide samples?
A: Yes. We can make customized samples to you for quality checking and design confirmation.
2.Q: How long is the warrenty of your equipments? Does your company supply the spare parts?
A: The warranty period of Gelin equipments is one year. And of course we will supply the spare parts for you for life-long time at lowest cost.
3. How to make the payment? 
we accept the payment by T/T or Western Union or Cash, L/C .For T/T, the customer can choose 100% in advance or 30% in advance, and pay the 70% balance before shipment. 
4.Q: What is the shipping port?
A: Usually we ship from Qingdao port. If you want to ship from another port we can coordinate with you.
5.Q: What is the lead time?
A: 30-45 days after payment and production drawing confirmation.
6.Q: What is your MOQ?
A: Normally 1 piece is acceptable. Please consult with our sales for details.


Sanding Belts For Rubber Roller


1. can be used for water throwing and dry throwing.
2. rubber belt polishing and roll core dehairing belt.

3. there are multiple types, size and style.

Sanding Belts for Rubber Roller, Sanding belts

Description of rubber roller  
Dia of roller usually be 38mm-89mm
Dia of shaft usually be 8-20mm
Load capacity for one roller can be 15kg-300kg
Bearing can be punched bearing and precision bearing
Material of roller can be carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, PVC

Sanding belts for Rubber Roller

Sanding Belts For Rubber Roller

Sanding Belts For Rubber Roller,Sanding Machinery Rubber Rollers,Sanding Belts

Jinan Power Rubber Roller Equipment Co., Ltd. ,