Solid Cell Marine Rubber Fender with Applicable Size

Rated Defection: 52.5%-55%
Packaging Details: Customer′s Requst
Trademark: RGEC
Transport Package: Normal Package
Origin: China

1.More reasonable structure.
2.High E/R.H value.
3.Verg suitable for the large wharf.
4.Good energy absorption to reaction force ratio
5.Integrated and fully-embedded fender flanges make assembly & installation simple.
6.Large fender footprint with good force distribution could lead to relative light panel constuction.
7.Good shear force resistance due to the large diameter of the fender flangesuper cell rubber

Specification H
n x d
SC400H 400 650 550 25 4*30
SC500H 500 650 550 25 4*32
SC630H 630 840 700 25 4*39
SC800H 800 1050 900 30 6*40
SC1000H 1000 1300 1100 35 6*47
SC1150H 1150 1500 1300 37 6*50
SC1250H 1250 1650 1450 40 6*53
SC1450H 1450 1850 1650 42 6*61
SC1600H 1600 2000 1800 45 8*61
SC1700H 1700 2100 1900 50 8*66
SC2000H 2000 2200 2000 50 8*74
SC2250H 2250 2550 2300 57 10*74
SC2500H 2500 2950 2700 70 10*74
SC3000H 3000 3350 3150 75 12*90


1. Frontal berthing is fixed on frontal fender in an effort to alleviate stress acted upon sides of ship. According to specific demand, surface stress can drop to as low as 25t/m2. Thus, it is particularly suitable for berthing of large vessels.
2. Owing to high reaction force energy absorption per unit, it is can excellently meet the requirements of open sea wharf and dolphin type berth.

Solid Cell Marine Rubber Fender with Applicable Size


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