Commercial vehicle manufacturers focus on hybrid R&D market

While passenger car companies hold almost all the honors in the field of new energy vehicles, Chinese domestic commercial vehicle companies are also trying to enter this market. Because with the successful conclusion of the Copenhagen Climate Conference, low-carbon environmental protection has once again attracted worldwide attention. Under the current situation of advocating the construction of “energy-saving enterprises”, in the face of huge energy consumption, the demand for reducing CO2 emissions and reducing fuel costs in the market is rapidly increasing. Major construction machinery manufacturers have embarked on research and development of new energy-saving reductions. Rows of products for the journey.

Netease Finance was informed that as a forklift manufacturer with advanced technology, Linde Forklift also plans to launch a new hybrid forklift model. In response to the increasing demand for energy-saving and emission-reducing companies, the new forklift power system adopts a new design concept, which will achieve a perfect combination of low energy consumption and high efficiency, and contribute to energy conservation and emission reduction of enterprises.

In the past forklift hybrid powertrain design, the fuel engine was combined with the battery generator to drive the engine through the fuel, and the electric energy was recovered during braking and stored in the battery. When the vehicle runs steadily, the battery drives the motor to separate forces. Again consume fuel. The new Linde internal combustion forklift has taken advantage of the hybrid system and improved it. The starter generator will take on the dual functions of the generator and the conveyor, give full play to the engine power, increase the efficiency of the power transmission system, reduce energy consumption, and will save more the cost of. At the same time, the internal combustion engine of the new forklift also has the function of pause and restart. The design is more humane and more convenient for operators to operate.

At CeMAT2008 in Germany, Linde took the concept of “ergonomics, environmental protection, and high efficiency” as the theme, and introduced three environmental concept vehicles—Hybrid forklifts, Hydrogen forklifts, and Fuelcell tractors, which were recognized by the industry. This new internal-combustion forklift is Linde's long-term accumulation of technology in the forklift industry. It has assembled many years of research and development on the hybrid power system and is another major innovation in the forklift industry.

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