spoiler! What are the highlights of this year's Hannover International Commercial Vehicle Show?

The biennial IAA (International Motor Show in Hannover) is not only the most important exhibition in the field of commercial vehicles in Europe but also in the world. Manufacturers are proud of their new models and technical displays gathered here. Rich seminars and forums are presented. Thinking about the development of the market in every link of the industry chain, the inspiring road shows, test drives, and experience activities are enough to allow commercial vehicle enthusiasts and ordinary audiences to enjoy a rewarding day.

The 66th IAA with "Drivenbyideas" as its slogan will be held in Hannover from September 22-29, 2016. The media day will be September 21 (Wednesday). On June 23, 2016, the IAA organizer, the German Automobile Industry Association (VDA), held an international press workshop (International Press Workshop) on schedule in Frankfurt, Maine. This conference is also held every two years. It will The giants of European commercial vehicle manufacturing and application gathered together to discuss the current status and future development direction of European commercial vehicles for media from all over the world. At the same time, they are also the “high-energy spoilers” on the eve of IAA. Matthias Wissmann, chairman of the German Automobile Industry Association, said at the meeting that in the first half of 2016, the European truck market showed a strong growth, which was a good sign for the success of this IAA. So what difference is this IAA going to perform?

Theme navigation services, LIVE stage show first opened <br> <br> author knows at the meeting, IAA will continue on the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show sponsored by the VDA "New World Mobile Experience" series of activities platform, exhibitions, forums, test Driving experience and other forms of public presentation of the future of the mobile world of logistics articles. The event will integrate the topics of future logistics and transportation. It will mainly showcase five themes: connected vehicles, autonomous driving, road trains, urban logistics, and transportation services.

It is worth mentioning that this time, the IAA will provide the above five themed payment guide services for the first time in the “Mobile World New Experience” live display area. The 2-hour tour is offered on September 23 and September 26-29. You can choose between 10 points (German) or 14 points (English). Each person costs 15 Euros and up to 25 participants. A well-trained guide will lead members to visit 6 booths in detail, bring them packaged information on selected topics that are most worth experiencing, and in-depth exchanges with experts from relevant booths.

In addition, outside the 26th exhibition hall, the “Mobile World New Experience” live display area will complete the IAA debut, and a special experience area will be set up on the open-air stage to present visitors with a new chapter in the mobile world. At the same time, in the south of the conference center, visitors who expect to experience a trial of an electric car can also get their wish on the 1.8km runway.

To investigate the transport and logistics picture <br> <br> meetings and forums are also an important part of the future of this "new world moving experience" 7 meetings. The keynote speech delivered by the high-level spokesperson will unveil the details of the future commercial vehicle concept, and participants can fully communicate this. At this year's IAA, there are seven major sub-conferences of the “New Experience in the Mobile World”. From the topics of these conferences, you can see that keywords such as drones, start-ups, and digitization have become the new focus of this IAA discussion.

Local bus and long-distance passenger transport - zero emissions, security and interconnection (September 26, 10:00 - 13:00, Conference Center 3B). The Germans use buses to travel more than 5 billion people each year. This makes buses the most important means of transportation other than passenger cars. Especially in local transportation, the use of buses accounts for half of all trips, and it is the largest proportion of all modes of transportation. Today, the challenges of climate change require a cleaner development of passenger and public transport systems.

Drone in Logistics : From Imagination to Reality (September 26 13:00-18:00, Hall 19, New York Hall 2). The drone market is growing very rapidly and will bring new applications to the logistics business, such as supporting last-mile delivery solutions in trucks that are difficult to reach. At present, drones are usually controlled by humans on the ground, and artificial intelligence in the future will play a greater role in auxiliary and automatic functions.

Digitalization of commercial vehicles (September 26, 16:00 - 19:00, Conference Center 3A) Digitized worldwide development has a profound impact on future commercial vehicles. The integration of commercial vehicles into digital networks will open up new opportunities for vehicle planning and control - precision agriculture, truck platooning, partial autopilot and intelligent traffic guidance... and many other hot words to describe such developments. However, these current development directions still face some technical, legal and organizational issues.

Labs in the new mobile world - Start-ups and industry encounters (September 27, 10:00-17:30, Hall 19, New York conference room). This is the first “PitchingDay” in the history of IAA. This provides many young start-up companies with the opportunity to present ideas and solutions at IAA, and to explore the integration points with the commercial vehicle industry!

The 6th car IT conference (6thcarITCongress2016) with the theme of "Digital Revolution in the Automotive Industry" (09:00 - 20:00, September 28, Convention Center, Conference Room 1). The one-day conference will focus on topics such as information exchange among vehicles, electric vehicles and IT technologies, infotainment systems (APP and applicability), autopilot, smart navigation, traffic management, driver assistance systems, future transportation, and many other topics .

IAA Conference - "Future City Logistics" (September 28, 10:00 - 15:00, Hall 19, New York Conference Room). Urban space must take into account both attraction and functionality. City logistics is of utmost importance; it provides people with door-to-door services that directly affect the daily lives of residents. Therefore, urban logistics will also become cleaner and quieter through the use of alternative energy power chains. At the same time, we should also develop and improve smart concepts and technologies in urban logistics to make them more efficient and more suitable for services in urban areas. .

IAA Automated and Connected Driving Forum : “Commercial Vehicles Are Innovative Initiatives for Automated and Interconnected Driving Technology” (09:30-16:00, September 29, Hall 19, New York Conference Room) Digital technology brings automotive and transportation industries With fundamental changes, as traffic volumes continue to grow, a major challenge for us is to continue to efficiently meet our mobile needs. In a limited space, the best organization for achieving traffic is crucial; one solution is to seamlessly connect all modes of transportation. In addition, real-time intelligent traffic control is also one of the elements. Driver-assisted systems, autonomous driving, vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-infrastructure interconnections also play an important role in future tasks.

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