Doing professional farmers to follow the pace of agricultural modernization

[China Agricultural Machinery Industry News] Farmers can also get the "professional title certificate" as well as those who engage in other professions. This is both an affirmation of the identity of new professional farmers and their professional skills and abilities, as well as an incentive for them to join modern agriculture. It will help to change agriculture from “the majority of the sideline business” to “the minority's main business” and raise the level of professionalism of farmers.
Doing professional farmers to follow the pace of agricultural modernization

Recently, Nanjing will issue more than 100 first batch of “new professional farmers' certificates”. The reporter learned from the Science and Technology Department of the Municipal Agriculture Commission that the certificate was produced in accordance with the unified style of the Ministry of Agriculture. The first batch of more than 100 new professional farmers who will receive the certificate, the preliminary qualification application, identification, review and other work have basically ended. Among them, there are college students and returnees. Migrant workers, farmers, e-commerce, etc. The way out for agriculture is modernized, and there is no modernization of agriculture without the professionalization of farmers.
At present, China's agricultural modernization is generally not high. One reason is that modern agriculture is a technology, capital and service-intensive agriculture, requiring practitioners to “culture, understand technology, and operate”. Nowadays, in many places, farmers who are staying in rural areas and engaged in agricultural production are mainly elderly people. They generally lack corresponding modern agricultural production techniques and management capabilities. In other places, traditional agricultural production methods of slash and burn and relying on the heavens continue to be continued.
Therefore, this year's No. 1 Document of the Central Committee proposed to accelerate the cultivation of new-type professional peasants and cultivate professional peasants into the leading force in building modern agriculture. "A well-off society is not a well-off, the key is to look at fellow villagers.

During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, Nanjing will build a comprehensive well-off society. The key points and difficulties are in rural areas. Farmers will be awarded a "new type of professional farmer's card", and at the same time, policies will be introduced to give land transfer, agricultural project funds, loan financing, and agriculture. Insurance and other business support will help to cultivate a group of new professional farmers who understand technology, manage business and use agriculture as a profession. At the same time, they can also attract graduates from colleges and universities who are interested in modern agriculture construction. By joining the new professional peasant team, it can also promote the development of new business forms such as rural e-commerce, promote the transformation of traditional agriculture to modern agriculture, and promote the income level of residents in rural areas. It should be seen that compared with other industries and urban residents, There are widespread problems in rural areas such as low income from agricultural production, low income of farmers, and low security.

Therefore, in order to attract more high-quality, capable people to stay in the countryside and flood into the countryside to become new-type professional farmers, the government will give them a “title certificate” to affirm and encourage them, but also need to take measures to enhance agricultural competitiveness. The attraction has prompted more new professional farmers to take root in the countryside, making rural and agriculture a hot spot to attract entrepreneurial and innovative talents.
(Original title: Agricultural modernization requires more "professional farmers")

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