How to clean the engine compartment of a mobile sales wagon

Cleaning the body for a mobile sales truck is commonplace in the eyes of most drivers. Some cars will be cleaned once in two or three days, and lazy people will be in one or two months. Washing once is not an exaggeration. But when it comes to cleaning the engine compartment of a mobile vending truck, how many people are cleaning so frequently? Not only do you feel particularly troublesome, but more people will feel that you can’t be bothered. Having a good maintenance habit to clean the engine compartment of a vending truck actually has some benefits. For example, it is good to keep the cleanliness of the engine compartment of the vehicle to be a time that can slow down the aging of parts on other parts such as rubber pipes and lines, etc., and the natural chance of being able to reduce the effective removal of sludge can be reduced. The benefits of such. So how does the engine compartment of a mobile vending car be cleaned?


1. It is necessary to have a clean rag and a bottle of special protective agent for vehicle tires. However, some people may find it strange that a lot of special cleaners for the exterior of mobile vending engine engines have been chosen because they are not used. What about the cleaning agent used on the tire? The use of foam cleaning protection agent for tires is not only convenient and quick in cleaning, but actually it contains ingredients with incremental components. It is also good for cleaning the engine room, and it is also good for rubber. The leather tube does not have any corrosive effect and can serve a protective purpose. Although the external cleaning agent of the vehicle engine is relatively good for the cleaning effect of sludge, it is more suitable for the engine with more leakage current, and this cleaning agent is corrosive and has been used. After the cleaning agent, clean it again with clean water and clean it again.

2, in the mobile vending car and without electricity, the front cover of the engine is opened, the wet cloth is wetted and then wrung out, and then some dust on the surface of the engine is gently wiped cleanly. After wiping the rag, it needs to be cleaned. Then wash the protective agent in the eye of the wheel evenly, and then evenly spray the protective agent on the surface layer of the engine. After waiting a few minutes, the foam will gradually become less, and then use the face wipe mobile vending truck. On the surface of the engine, moving the vehicular engine compartment of the vending truck after it has dried is new.

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