Tanker drivers have long-term driving risks

When driving a tanker , it should be to adjust the sitting position correctly. The seat surface should be slightly tilted back and the seat back should be adjusted so that it can be angled from 110° to 100° to the seat. The easy way to use it is to put it in a vertical sitting position with the head of the seat back. The headrest needs to be adjusted to the distance between the 3-2 fists of the occipital bone. About the front and rear seat adjustment can be adjusted according to the size and height of the driver. Under normal circumstances, both hands are used to hold the steering wheel. The flexion of the elbow can be 60°-50°. The lower limbs can naturally rest on the pedal. The natural knee flexion is about 60°. More appropriate. A 3-2 inch thick lumbar pad can be placed on the waist, which can maintain a physiological curvature of a lumbar spine, and can also provide a good support for the lumbar spine.

Not excessively fatigued driving:

When the tanker is driving, the driver's spirit and body are in a highly stressful state, especially when the driver is driving for a long time, it is easy to fatigue, so it is usually when driving long distances. It is necessary to take a break in an appropriate period of time, and the lower joints can promote the blood circulation of the whole body, and can also relax the muscles of the lower back and lower back, and reduce the chance of reducing lumbar spine and lower back pain.

The air conditioning temperature in the car should not be too low:

The air conditioner temperature in the tanker is too low to allow the driver's endocrine system to regulate. It is relatively easy to experience fatigue, frozen shoulder, lower limb pain, arthritis, and cold. Therefore, the temperature in the cab should be a temperature difference between 6 and 5 degrees Celsius. The driver should control the outdoor temperature before adjusting the temperature. If there has been a back pain, then you can apply a hot compress to the waist or wear a waistline when driving the tanker. The role of protection support.

Can not be frequent brakes:

In the event of a sudden braking during the driving of the tanker, the inertia and forward momentum will cause the driver's body to rush forward. At this time, both the cervical and lumbar vertebrae will be rebounded with the forward flexion. In-situ, long-term so will cause lumbar and cervical spine injury, so in the process of driving should be to maintain a good driving habits, in the process of smooth driving not only can improve driving safety, but also can reduce the physical hurt. (Text / Sun Ni)

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