U.S. agencies rated 10 models with the highest rollover rates/SUVs

As we all know, SUVs and pickups have a high center of gravity, and the chances of walking on the road to roll over are much higher than those of cars. In recent years, car manufacturers have increased their active safety through various safety functions such as electronic stability control system (ESC). , thereby reducing the chance of rollover of the vehicle, it has indeed achieved certain results, but high-central SUVs and pickups are still regular customers of rollover incidents, so every year NHTSA (United States Highway Safety Administration) will be on the market pickups And SUV rollover test, the following Xiaobian to take everyone to see next year they rated 10 of the highest probability of rollover SUV, trucks.

What is the significance of rollover testing?

NHTSA agencies mainly rate vehicle rollovers in emergency avoidance because the probability of accidents occurring in all traffic accidents is not the highest, but the resulting mortality rate is high. Such as rapid change line or emergency avoidance, the vehicle is prone to rollover, especially high center of gravity vehicles, and in the vehicle rollover process, the roof strength is also very important, because it will directly affect the safety of the occupants in the vehicle.

10. Chevrolet Colorado

Just this year, the Ford F-150 won the top security award issued by the IIHS for the first time. This is unprecedented at the Pickup. However, the 2016 Chevrolet Colorado has not been so lucky. It was only in the NHTSA rollover test. With a score of 3 and a half stars, the risk of the rear-wheel-driver's rollover was 22%, while the figure of the four-wheel-drive model dropped slightly to 21.4%. Because of this test result, Colorado only got the rating of the NHTSA four-star collision.

9. Cadillac Escalade

It's incredible that this large-scale SUV that the Americans are proud of will actually be on the list. Some people say that if Carre way collides with a small car, Escalade will have a better chance of survival. However, in the NHTSA test, This 2017 rear-wheel drive Kered's rollover risk is 22.9%. Kay Ryde was a bit of a drag compared to Toyota Redwood or the Lincoln SUV, which are also large cars.

8. Chevy TahoeRWD

The Chevrolet giant was not introduced to China, but it is a representative of the famous large-scale hardcore SUV in Laomei. It had won the crown of hard-core SUV sales in 2015, but because of the huge tonnage and high center of gravity of the car, the car The risk of rollover risk reached 22.9%. Although it received 5 stars in both frontal and side impacts, the rollover risk test had a 3-star score that lowered its overall rating score.


The 2016 GMC Yukon is also a relatively rare large SUV on the road. In fact, it is the same platform product as the Chevrolet Suburban and the Cadillac Escalade owned by the General Motors Group. Therefore, their vehicle parameters are very close and very large. Similarly, this car can achieve good results in both frontal and side impacts, but the 22.9% chance of a rollover risk test is still dragging its hind legs. Driving such an SUV, even a master, must not make excessive sharp turns because it Minutes may roll over like a bus.

6. Jeep Freeman

It's hard to imagine that there are a bunch of large SUVs or pickups in front of them. In the sixth place, Jeep is a small and cute SUV. Through the NHTSA rollover risk test, the risk of the four-wheel-drive version of Jeep free-roaming rollover has been reached. 23%, this is incredible, in this list, Freeman is the only small SUV, and it is the bottom of the performance in the Fiat Chrysler brand models.

5. Ford F-250

In this not too honorable list, the fifth-placed Ford's other pickup truck F-250 has a rollover risk of 23.7%, which also made it rank among the best-selling Ford brand, despite The F150 won the first five-star praise from the Picardie and reversed the image of the pickup that was not very safe among people. However, the F250 did not continue its good momentum. Its crash performance was only 3 stars. Next, like this car. Americans can only expect that 2017 will be improved!

4. Dodge Ram Ram 2500

This pickup is Net Red. In the July sales list, he was the third best-selling model in the US with 39,000 units sold, but as with the Ford F-250, the rollover probability was 23.7%, which also led to it. The test rating is only three stars.

3. Toyota 4Runner

As a large-scale SUV, Toyota unfortunately obtained the worst performance of NHTSA at this level. Whether it is four-wheel drive or two-wheel drive, its final rollover risk rate is 24.6%. Although this natural structure is not perfect, Toyota announced in 2017 that it would not use Takata Airbags, but still give us a little positive energy.

2. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4WD

Looked at, the other SUV anti-rolling risk rate is below 25%, and this 2017 Jeep Wrangler incredibly reached 27.9%, this is a well-known in our hearts Shen car in the rollover test is a bit eye-popping, in addition The 2017 model did not have frontal and side impacts, but the rollover test was definitely a bad sign for it, but there is still good news, and Fiat Chrysler admitted that it would not use Takata Airbags in new cars.

1. Nissan NV3500

Unfortunately, NHTSA treats the Nissan NV3500 as an off-road vehicle. In fact, it is a large-scale MPV. However, this vehicle does not have to be entangled. Apart from the auto show, it is believed that few people on the domestic road will see this monster gain a 30% rollover risk. It is the worst performer in all large-scale cars. Like the bus, besides taking a movie, I believe that I did not dare to take this car to go off-road. Because someone really did that, I can only say that I don’t want to!

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