Second-hand valuation must pay attention to matters

New Year to buy used cars, what should pay attention to? Let's take a look at the issues that need to be paid attention to in the second-hand car evaluation.

First of all, when choosing a car, in addition to looking at the mileage of the odometer, you must also open the engine cover to see the condition of the engine and the degree of wear of the belt. Then look at the degree of wear of the tires, and you can roughly estimate the number of miles traveled, if you do not Understand the car, it is best to bring experienced friends to see the car.

Secondly, this part of the trial run should be no less. Try it directly on the road and it is best to leave it in the morning, because the problems with the used car are easier to find after a cold overnight.

Finally, after the transaction is completed and the car is in hand, it is necessary to make a comprehensive inspection at the repair shop. For example, check if the brake fluid is normal, whether antifreeze is added to the tank, and whether the belt, tire, and oil need to be replaced. At the same time, we must also check if there is commercial insurance for the vehicles, because the general used cars are only compulsory insurance and no commercial insurance. If not, we must promptly go to the insurance company to buy commercial insurance.

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