Safety management measures for guard board management

Safety management measures for guard board management

1. The working face and the tail of the 3 guards are recovered, and the 40T chain is used.

2. The driver of the scraper transporter stands next to the lock in the 5# frame.

3. The function of the group of the working face and the 10 sets of the support in the tail of the machine must be shielded and manually operated by the tail machine of the machine head. It is strictly forbidden to operate in groups.

4, the rear support bracket work was finished, to help protect the plate shot in time, after the coal mining drum hysteresis not more than 15.

5. When cutting coal, the driver of the front drum shearer should not exceed 12, and before the protection of the slab, it is necessary to observe whether there is any operation before the inner frame of the escort area, confirm the safety, and then take care. Help board.

6. Cleaning civilized health personnel is not allowed to be cleaned within 20m near the coal machine.

7. When working in front of the rack, the guard panel in the work area must be hit and the rack should be isolated and locked.

8. When the coal mining machine is overhauled, all the brackets in the vicinity of the front and rear rollers and the brackets in the middle part must be hit and locked, and the frame should be locked one by one.

9, the work surface guards can not be played in groups, must be manually shot, the guard plate is faulty, can be recovered without hitting, but not allowed to continuously exceed 2 guard boards do not play.

10. When working in the head of the working face or the top of the tail, the guard plate in this area must be played out.

11. When the coal miner driver cuts coal, he must concentrate on preventing the shearer drum from cutting the guard plate.

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