Establishment of Key Laboratory of National Defense Science and Technology for Ship Integrated Power Technology

The National Defense Science and Technology Key Laboratory of Ship Integrated Power Technology, led by Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Professor of the Naval Engineering University, was officially established.

Electric propulsion replaces traditional mechanical propulsion, and is called the "sea revolution" of the 21st century ship propulsion mode. On the basis of long-term research, Professor Ma Weiming first proposed the development of integrated ship power system technology in China, and established a national key scientific and technological laboratory for integrated ship power technology. The laboratory research facilities have reached the international advanced level and become the research center of China's ship integrated power technology field.

After years of research, Ma Weiming led the research team to solve the "oscillation" problem that plagued the world's motor industry, and developed a rectifier generator power supply system with completely independent intellectual property rights and the world's first dual-winding generator capable of simultaneously emitting AC and DC power.

The Pneumatic Lifting Table is a simplification of the automatic lifting table. It eliminates the need for a motor or compressor, and adjusts the air pressure bar manually to achieve the function of lifting

advantage:1. Low price and high cost performance 2. No need to connect to electricity, no oil, good safety.

Disadvantages:1. The stability is not high  2. It takes a little effort to raise and lower, and some buttons need to be lifted by hand to achieve the purpose of up and down.

Pneumatic standing desk

Pneumatic Standing Desk

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