The fourth generation of low-voltage electrical products are ready to go

Representing the best level in China's low-voltage electrical industry today, the third-generation low-voltage electrical products represented by DW45 are expected to be replaced by the fourth-generation low-voltage electrical products with communication as the main feature. In order to accelerate the realization of meeting the needs of different levels of the market, keeping up with the world's cutting-edge technology, and crossing the EU barriers, it is imperative to develop a new generation of products.

Introducing the trend of the "new generation"

Meet the diverse needs of different levels. China's low-voltage electrical industry has developed over the years since the "Eighth Five-Year Plan", and the third generation of low-voltage electrical appliances represented by DW45 has been formed. Its basic characteristics are high performance, miniaturization; electronic, intelligent and modular, multi-functional. Most of them have been developed and put on the market, becoming the high-end products of China's current low-voltage electrical industry.

With the continuous development of new technologies, new materials and new standards related to the low-voltage electrical industry, by 2010, China's first-generation products will face complete elimination, the second-generation products will become low-end products, and the third-generation products will be reduced to mid-range products. To this end, from the product development and different levels of market demand, it is necessary to develop the fourth generation of low-voltage electrical products.

Track the need for new product development and market competition in foreign countries. At present, the major manufacturers of low-voltage electrical appliances abroad, Schneider, Siemens, ABB, Moeller, GE, Cutler, Hammer, Mitsubishi, Fuji, etc. have launched a new generation of products from the late 1990s to the beginning of this century. There are new breakthroughs in terms of product comprehensive technical and economic indicators, product structure and material selection, and the application of new technologies (such as digital and communication technologies). There are signs that a new generation of products has begun to enter the Chinese market. In order to win market competition, the development of China's new generation of low-voltage electrical products must accelerate.

Change the "quality" difference in product functions, and inject high-tech into traditional low-voltage electrical appliances. With the development and application of fieldbus technology, low-voltage electrical products are becoming more communicable and networked. At present, the latest generation of foreign products almost all have communication functions, and the development and application of China's third-generation low-voltage electrical products has shortened the gap between China's products and foreign advanced levels to about ten years. If low-voltage electrical appliances can not communicate in time. Keep up with, then the gap with the advanced level of foreign countries is not only the difference in product performance, but the difference in product quality. It will make China's low-voltage electrical appliances completely lose market competitiveness in the future intelligent low-voltage power distribution and control systems. It can be said that the fourth generation of low-voltage electrical appliances with communication as the main feature will be the direction of future industrial product development.

Develop "green" and cross EU barriers. With the promulgation and implementation of two EU environmental protection directives, it means the arrival of ecological appliances, the era of “green” appliances. The EU market requires that electrical products be designed, produced, used, and recycled to consider whether they affect the ecological environment. In fact, many of the products currently produced in China cannot meet the requirements of the environmental protection directive. To this end, it is necessary to eliminate traditional products, from the beginning of product design to consider the selection of new materials, manufacturing processes must comply with EU directives, so that China's low-voltage electrical appliances gradually become "green" products.

Fortunately, in recent years, China's low-voltage electrical manufacturing technology has been greatly improved, automatic online testing of products has begun to apply, in order to adapt to the development of new processes, we also need to vigorously develop a new generation of products. Change the three generations of the same pattern

The introduction of the fourth generation of low-voltage electrical appliances will make a significant change in the product structure of the low-voltage electrical appliance industry in China, thus changing the current pattern of three generations of low-voltage electrical appliances.

The “new generation” products can be connected to a variety of open and advanced fieldbuses in the world to meet the network requirements of low-voltage power distribution and control systems. Depending on the product, it can be directly connected to the bus system or connected via a communication adapter. Its comprehensive performance can reach the advanced level of the latest generation of foreign products.

The product has four main characteristics: high performance, the key breakthroughs in the main technical indicators of different products, these indicators are significantly improved compared with the third generation products; function expansion and improvement, with the microprocessor and communication technology in the new generation of low voltage The universal application of electrical appliances, product functions will be further expanded and improved; high reliability, improved reliability is one of the main goals of the fourth generation of products, from product design, material selection, manufacturing processes, product testing, etc. It is necessary to formulate internal reliability assessment indicators and assessment methods; improve product maintenance performance and facilitate user use is one of the pursuit goals of foreign new generation products. China's fourth generation of low-voltage electrical appliances and future new product development will also pay full attention to this.

The development of the fourth generation of low-voltage electrical appliances will also achieve major innovations in product structure: First, the product's overall plan, structural layout, and major component structures have new breakthroughs. Second, the degree of modularity of products is significantly higher than that of the third generation. Third, the accessories, accessories, and connection methods are complete to meet the needs of different users. Fourth, the shape of the new generation of low-voltage electrical appliances has changed significantly. Fifth, the selection of the main materials of the fourth generation of low-voltage electrical appliances meets environmental protection requirements and meets the requirements of the two EU environmental protection directives: “Restriction of use of lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated diphenyl ethers and polybrominated biphenyls in electrical equipment. The requirements of materials such as six kinds of harmful substances make China's low-voltage electrical appliances gradually develop into environmental protection appliances. Sixth, the fourth-generation low-voltage electrical parts structure and product assembly and testing should meet the requirements of automated production.

At present, the production scale and manufacturing level of low-voltage electrical appliances in China have initially met the requirements of automatic assembly and automatic detection. To this end, in the design stage of a new generation of products, we must consider the process requirements in this area, laying the foundation for the improvement of the overall level of low-voltage electrical appliances in China.

Product structure will change significantly

In the coming period, the development direction of China's low-voltage electrical appliance industry is to further develop into intelligent and communicable communication, and the low-voltage power distribution and control system is gradually developing into intelligent network.

Accelerating the research and development and promotion of China's fourth-generation low-voltage electrical appliances will be the focus of the industry's work in the future. Starting from 2010, China's fourth-generation low-voltage electrical appliances will gradually be put on the market. By then, the overall level of the industry will leap to a new level. According to market demand, some third-generation products will be further developed to further improve the cost performance, and at the same time realize product differentiation and improve product market competitiveness.

It is worth mentioning that the development of new products should learn from the advanced experience of foreign countries. When developing new products, well-known foreign companies should consider both high performance and economical to meet the needs of different market levels. Accordingly, China's new generation of products should develop economical products at the same time when deriving third-generation products or developing fourth-generation products.

Fiber Coupled LED

  â–  UV, Visible, and NIR Versions (from 375nm to 1550nm)
  â–  The SMA connector is ideal for multimode fiber.
  â–  Multi-wavelength Fiber Coupled LED available.
fiber coupled LED
fiber coupled system

 Data Sheet for Single Wavelength LED

Model Color

Nominal Wavelength (nm)

Bandwidth FWHM (nm) Typical Φ600um Core Fiber Output Power SMA (mW) Maximum Current CW (mA) Forward Voltage (V) Typical Lifetime (h)


375 9 3.0 1400 3.6 ~10000
LFM395 UV 395 16 1.0 500 4.5 ~10000
LFM405 UV 405 12 4.2 1400 3.45 ~10000
LFM430 Violet 430 15 1.0 500 3.8 ~10000
LFM460 Royal Blue 460 25 6.0 1000 3.6 ~10000
LFM470 Blue 470 25 3.2 1000 3.2 ~10000
LFM500 Cyan 500 30 2.2 1000 3.3 ~10000
LFM530 Green 530 33 3.0 1000 3.2 ~10000
LFM565 Lime 565 104 3.0 1000 3.1 ~10000
LFM600 Amber 600 15 1.2 1000 2.6 ~10000
LFM620 Red 620 18 5.5 1000 2.2 ~10000
LFM625 Red 625 17 3.0 1000 2.2 ~10000
LFM660 Deep Red 660 20 4.0 1200 2.6 ~10000
LFM730 Far Red 730 37 1.5 1000 2.3 ~10000
LFM808 IR 808 25 2.5 500 3.6 ~10000
LFM850 IR 850 30 3.0 1500 3.85 ~10000
LFM880 IR 880 50 1.0 1000 1.7 ~10000
LFM940 IR 940 37 3.0 1000 2.75 ~10000
LFM1050 IR 1050 37 2.0 600 1.4 ~10000
LFM1550 IR 1550 102 1.0 700 1.1 ~10000


 1. The above testing data are only for reference, the actual spectrum of LED may change since the temperature or other parameters are different when operating the current.

 2.The above data was tested by 600μm core diameter, 0.22 NA multimode fibers. Other core diameter fibers are available on request.

Laser Head Power Supply

64 (L) ×46.5 (W) ×30 (H) mm3

114 (L) ×78 (W) ×71 (H) mm3

Data Sheet for Multi-wavelength LED

Parameters Indicators
Available wavelength (nm) 375-940
Output mode Fiber output
Fiber core diameter (μm) 400, 600, 800, 1000
Fiber connector SMA905
Output power (mW) Related to fiber
Power stability (rms, over 4 hours) <3%, <5%
Operating mode CW, TTL or Analog on request
Operating temperature (°C) 10~35
Input power
12VDC 7A
Cooling method
By air
Storage temperature (°C)
Lifetime (hours)

Fiber Specs
fiber connector

Fiber Coupled LED

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