Shanghai Auto Show reveals three major information

Since participating in the “International Auto Show” many times, on April 20, when the reporter walked into the “Shanghai International Auto Show”, there was no special excitement. Perhaps because of this "coldness," reporters calmed their minds to "walk" all exhibition halls in a day's time. After reading the report, the reporter made a brief conversation with Jia Xinguang, a well-known analyst in the automotive industry in China and Mr. Jia Xinguang, the chief consultant of the newspaper. He felt that the Shanghai auto show was still “a bit of a look”.

First of all, the intention of the manufacturers to promote is obvious.

As we all know, Shanghai and Beijing each alternately organize car exhibitions. As a result, the two places have broken their heads to compete for "the first." During the pre-show speculation, the exhibition organizing committees of the two localities all claimed that “this auto show will be the highest in history”. The so-called “best” refers to the number of auto shows attended in the early years. In recent years, it refers to the level of automotive culture, such as “world premiere car”, “China’s first new car”, concept car, and high-end luxury car. In a word, what they have to tell the world is: The exhibition at their own exhibition is of the highest quality. The exhibition I host is a venue for the global automotive culture and automotive technology, rather than a promotional venue for selling cars. This year, the Shanghai Auto Show was twice as many as the 10 "world premiere cars" at the Beijing Auto Show in November last year. There are only 5 "world premiere cars", but the astute Shanghainese still have "China's first car" and "world premiere car". "Kissing together and saying things to show that the Shanghai auto show is not used to sell cars." However, the reporter noted that at this auto show, the intention of manufacturers for sales promotion was very clear.

At the Beijing Auto Show in November last year, Beiqi Foton had launched a "Parker" bus. This is a real new car that people have never seen. At the Shanghai auto show less than half a year later, Beiqi Foton again took out “Mo Parker” to “say things” and became the protagonist of its participation in the auto show, inviting many media friends to “join together to witness the listing of Mengpike”. It is reported that, immediately afterwards, Meng Parker will also carry out "Shenzhen listing activities" in Shenzhen. As a result, the Shanghai Auto Show and the "Shenzhen Auto Show" seem to be on the equal sign.

Dongfeng Tianlong Heavy Trucks Co., Ltd. was listed on May 18 last year as "the only domestic real-world heavy truck with international competitiveness". Today, the "new" is almost a year away, but Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company still regards it as the highlight of this Shanghai auto show. The reason is that "in less than a year, Tianlong heavy trucks have sold nearly 5,000 units. In one fell swoop, it broke the 1,000 mark." This exhibition is more like a congratulation.

This practice with Beiqi Futian and Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles is commonplace at this Shanghai auto show. Such as "08 Subaru Forester 2.0X manual file listing, priced at 229,800," "the new Jeep Grand Cherokee price from 499,000 yuan," "Chery A1 two cars into the market, sold 53,800 and 53,900," "Chang'an Jiexun Shanghai Officially listed, sold 10.48-14.98 million "," Maserati GT sports car announced selling price 1.8 million -1.85 million" and other information, from time to time through the press and the media announced. This move by the manufacturers clearly shows that they want to use this most eye-catching trade show to promote sales. What's more, reporters saw at the exhibition "double ring" erected a brand in front of the booth and wrote a book "On-site booking of cars, giving 5,000 yuan oil card", its promotional intentions is even more straightforward.

At the exhibition, there were only a small number of small cars such as the “small nobles” with only two seats, and new cars with environmental protection licenses were also found everywhere. People who understand with their eyesight can understand it. This is a response to the tense energy situation and rising oil prices. Its purpose is also to promote sales and to seize the market.

I do not know whether the car watchers noticed that there was a black Peugeot 206 inside the Peugeot booth. Chery brought its brands to the show. What is this doing? It is to show that in today's China, a time when Santana hit the world has completely passed and the era of market segments has arrived.

There is nothing wrong with using a car show as a promotion. Any auto show has the ingredients for display and promotion, but which one is more important. This year, it is also reasonable for car manufacturers to do so. It reflects only the “high grade” intention and positioning of the organizers of Shanghai Auto Show. When the reporter discussed the matter with other media reporters at the auto show site, they also believed that there were some conflicts between China and the two international auto shows. Now this year, FAW and Dongfeng did not participate in the Shanghai Auto Show as a whole. Only the SAIC family is singing a one-man show at home. If the auto exhibitions in the two places are misplaced, Beijing will take the "cultural" road, and Shanghai's implementation of promotions will be a consideration.

Second, the foreigner came to the stage to play a leading role.

It may be a coincidence. At the Beijing auto show six months ago, the three major auto groups participated in the overall name, and this time at the Shanghai auto show, because FAW and Dongfeng did not participate in the overall exhibition, their subsidiaries decided on their own needs and wishes. Exhibitors. In this way, the reporter saw a phenomenon at the exhibition: although SAIC Group deployed in the overall name, and the exhibition booth was very atmospheric and fashionable, the two brands “FAW-Volkswagen” and “SAIC-Volkswagen” were hung in another exhibition hall. , while exhibiting. Obviously, this is the German "Volkswagen Group" combining two brands in China. Its voice to the world is: Whether Shanghai Volkswagen or FAW-Volkswagen, they are the "children" of my German public.

In addition, the Dongfeng Peugeot has also been displayed in the French Peugeot. "Chang'an Ford" is also set up with Mazda this time. This is nothing, there was originally a "Changan Ford Mazda Co., Ltd." Well. However, the reporter noticed that all the activities organized by Changan Ford were not planned by the original public relations company, but by Ford China personally. The meaning contained here is clear enough.

Recalling the “vigilance and prevention of Chinese and foreign car sales and networking” that some media and industry figures have called out in the past few years and the environment in which China’s independent brands have risen in the past two years, we’re not so Do you feel "not having a good time in your heart"?

Third, independent brands speak upright.

At this auto show, Chery displayed all of its brands under its banner, shocking the people of the country and “shocking the world”. In this regard, the media has commented on many things and it goes without saying. Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles will display the "Dragon" heavy truck for the first time into the museum. Its significance is also extraordinary, because Tianlong is a fully independent intellectual property and has been praised by users as "the only one with international competitiveness. "The real heavy-duty truck", and in less than a year, in addition to the rapid growth in sales, has also extended out of 100 varieties, to the end of the year will continue to "hatch" 300 varieties.

In addition to the mainstream car companies, the second-line car companies also fully demonstrated their “vision” to develop their own brand cars at this auto show. Like the bus companies that we used to think of in the past, this time they also launched their own cars. The brand played is of course "self-owned brand."

Their "unusual" behavior is not indicative of the power of the self-owned brand's strong life?

Even more shocking to reporters is the scene seen at the Great Wall Auto Show: The Great Wall displayed an extended version of the “Hover School” sedan, attracting many “foreigners” to raise the camera to take pictures from time to time. At that time, the reporter thought that he did not shoot for so many cars. Why was he interested in this car alone? Later, it was very much to figure out what the foreigners had to say. They were concerned about the rise of China's own brand cars. As

A private enterprise, with a very short birth time, can achieve the “first export volume of pickup trucks” and can also produce such a difficult lengthened limousine, which really makes them feel unbelievable.

This is the Chinese. This is the mind and heart of the Chinese automakers. What they showed, as the Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles hangs high on the booth this time: China's east wind, the world's east wind!

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