Frequent problematic incidents have become new boosters for the instrument market

Editor's note: Frequent and frequent incidents have become a new booster for the instrument market. Behind the incident is the lag in the popularity of the instrument. At the just-concluded two sessions, the issue of environmental pollution and food safety became the hot topic of the two sessions for the first time. This also shows that with the progress of society, people have higher requirements for their own quality of life and have a deeper understanding of their own health.

Foreword: However, various problems and incidents have come one after another, such as: early years of melamine, today's leather milk, lean meat, nuclear radiation, etc., although relevant departments have taken corresponding measures afterwards, and increased inspection efforts. As a result, various types of testing instruments have gradually left the laboratory and entered the lives of the general public, which has expanded the instrument market to a certain extent and become a new booster for the instrument market.


From melamine-hormonal milk powder-leather milk to dairy permit reaffirmed

For the issue of safe dairy products, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) has issued a new brewing rule and demanded that "on March 1, 2011, dairy companies that failed to regain production licenses will be required to stop production." The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine has written off production licenses for 6,905 enterprises, including 4,036 licenses for food production enterprises. AQSIQ said that it will continue to increase the dairy product license to reiterate the review, strictly implement the new regulations, and implement the access and withdrawal system.

According to the new regulations, dairy product manufacturers must be equipped with appropriate testing equipment and perform self-inspection on 64 indicators such as melamine and food additives. At present, the deadline is approaching, but only one-third of companies complete new verification. To this end, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) announced recently that the deadline for the re-examination of dairy product production licenses will be extended from March 1 of the original plan to the end of March.

Numerous testing items and regulatory requirements have brought dairy products analysis laboratories the challenge of how to increase laboratory efficiency and reduce analysis costs. Instruments and equipment that can meet the new regulations for the detection of dairy products have become the darling of the instrument market. Many well-known companies in the field of ion chromatography have introduced solutions and testing instruments for the dairy industry. For example, Waters Corporation has specially launched a solution column for the dairy industry; Qingdao Shenghao Company has introduced the CIC series ion chromatograph to help dairy production companies to overcome the current difficulties.

Detection of "Clenbuterol" from pork in "Clean" meat from Shuanghui to pork

CCTV broadcasted a special issue of “The Truth of Bodybuilding Pigs” on the 3-15th Consumer Rights Day, which disclosed the fact that the Henan Jiyuan Shuanghui Company purchased pork containing “lean meat”. According to a CCTV reporter's investigation, more than a dozen pig farms were surveyed in Mengzhou, Mengyang, Wenxian, and Hejia counties in Henan Province. It was found that nearly every family uses “lean meat extracts” and the amount of added meat is different. Almost an open secret. "Clenbuterol" has once again become the focus of attention.

According to the latest news released by the Ministry of Agriculture's press office on the 16th, the Ministry of Agriculture's steering group arrived in Henan to fully supervise the investigation of the "Clenbuterol" incident. The Ministry of Agriculture also issued a notice to further deploy the monitoring of "lean meat fines" for live pigs. Animal husbandry and veterinary departments at all levels must attach great importance to the supervision of live pigs "clenbuterol," implement the responsibility of territorial management step by step, define the supervisory responsibilities, ensure the work is in place, and personnel In place, measures in place, and resolutely prevent "lean meat" live pigs from entering the market.

Followed by food safety testing equipment has become the focus of attention, many manufacturers have followed suit, such as: Dima technology to provide "Clenbuterol" detection response program, Shimadzu launched pork lean meat GCMS The method of testing, Bona Ejer provides a complete set of testing programs for lean meat, and the completed VERTEXSTI5000 liquid chromatograph for the detection of lean meat.

Radioactive Material Leakage from the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in Japan to Nuclear Radiation Detection and Protection

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan’s Atomic Energy Safety and Security Institute announced on March 12 that due to the impact of the earthquake, radioactive materials at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant leaked to the outside. How to prevent radiation has become a topic of concern to everyone. How does nuclear radiation affect human health? How can we detect and protect nuclear radiation?

After the nuclear safety incident in Japan, the Ministry of Environmental Protection continued to track the impact of the earthquake on Japan’s nuclear power plants and required provincial environmental protection agencies to strengthen monitoring. According to the relevant personnel of the Marine Environmental Protection Division of the State Oceanic Administration, the State Oceanic Administration is organizing relevant monitoring. At present, no abnormalities have been found in China's sea areas. The State Oceanic Administration has started the emergency monitoring of radioactivity in the sea area and has conducted continuous monitoring of the sea area in China.

Afterwards, relevant departments have purchased corresponding nuclear radiation detection instruments one after another, and many instrument manufacturers also provide corresponding instruments and detection methods for use in related monitoring departments to perform all aspects of nuclear radiation monitoring. For example, this morning, the Nuclear Pollution Testing Center of the People's Liberation Army 307 Hospital was officially launched, and the Tegent VELP Portable Radioactivity Detector was used to detect radiation hazards.

Summary: Today's instruments have a tremendous role in promoting the development of the national economy, social stability, public health, science and technology, and public safety. They are also pillar and strategic high-tech industries for social and economic development. Scientific instruments used for inspection, detection and analysis are technical support in food safety and environmental safety assurance systems, and food safety and environmental safety guarantees depend on the demand for scientific instruments.

However, these new driving forces that directly promote the “development” of the instrument market are so many problematic events. This also shows that the current popularity and development of the instrument has lags behind. Why does everybody think of what instruments to use to detect problems after each problematic event?

Therefore, the editors think that this is not a reasonable way to deal with the problem of how to deal with the situation. In this highly developed society, what problems will be amplified by transparency, so for the handling of problematic incidents, we want to completely eliminate the occurrence of such problems. In order to reduce the social harm caused by the problem, we should focus on prevention, increase the investment in related inspection departments, and provide appropriate testing equipment and technical personnel training, instead of waiting for the "magic height" and other related issues. The department "a high level of ten feet" to deal with.

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