CY-A8V107ER-type hydraulic pump 4 cases troubleshooting

Rust or replace the pump oil pipeline.

Should be carefully reviewed, integrated, when the CY-A 8V107ER type hydraulic pump failure. Symptomatic solution to prevent the demolition of large demolition into a new fault.

Low efficiency 1 pump body fever.

1 hydraulic oil poor quality, low viscosity

But not mixed. Should replace DTE25 Mobil) or HM-N68 Great Wall) hydraulic oil.

2 pump the whole plane parallel to the damage

When its with the cylinder surface with a thin pull marks, â‘  the hydraulic pump adopts the spherical face plate. Available abrasive paste with research; when the deep marks, you should fill the trench, continue with the research.

Must pay attention to cost-effective pad thin, installation time. That must be measured before grinding with the distribution plate and the distribution plate and the total thickness of the cylinder block, cost is thinned by the thickness of the mill, and then not in the core of the butterfly gaskets and adjust the gasket, make up to get thin thickness; Disk and cylinder with a significant wear and tear when the surface should be replaced immediately.

Will increase the collision between the plunger and the cylinder, ② plunger and cylinder clearance between the standard 25 ~ 26μm when the Department is better than 60μm. And the amount of disclosure will increase, the volume efficiency will increase, this time should continue to repair and replacement.

Or the method of heating the cylinder to continue the interference removal, but also pay attention to the replacement of copper when the best use of frozen copper sleeve. That device is more leisurely Zaoya, but also to prevent damage caused by percussion.

3 hydraulic oil cooling is bad

And review the radiator is operating deformity. Hydraulic fluid should be examined through the three hot gas pipeline is fluent.

And accompanied by very screams 2 Fragmented pipeline fierce jitter, noise.

1 bearing damage

Will cause vibration and noise, when the bearing transition is damaged or corrupted. Bearing should be replaced in time.

Removing the regulator housing, a common procedure for assembling the bearing is now described: Remove the live bolt from the regulator housing first. And then stored in the distribution plate, the pump body; then loosen the process of plug on the secondary output shaft of the hydraulic pump housing and tap the end of the secondary output shaft with a round bar with screw holes to push it out of the pump body; The initial removal of the main output shaft on the card spring, stored in the hood cover on the shaft, and then tap the end of the main optical copper rod, stored in the main optical axis can be.

Flashbacks are the same as above. When installing a new bearing.

Pump suction empty. 2 hydraulic tank less fuel.

Exiting the right amount of hydraulic oil can be.

3 hydraulic pump has a very screams

This phenomenon occurs in the depression area.

Flat area hydraulic pump operation deformity, in August last year, I Division I equipped with this type of hydraulic pump excavator. However, somewhere in Xinjiang 4500m above the plateau to continue the compatibility of machinery to try, the hydraulic pump to recover the screams, the multi-search, the original, the pump inlet pressure is too small for this reason, if the hydraulic tank A deep breathing valve on the mouth, so that the hydraulic tank will certainly have to prepare the pressure, which can popularize the pressure of the pump inlet, screams can be ruled out.

Leading to the atmosphere into the 4 hydraulic pump suction pipe leakage.

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