SolarMagic Power Optimizer Launched by National Semiconductor

Recently, SolarMagic Power Optimizer launched by National Semiconductor Corporation fully utilized the company's analog power management chip technology. Even if the solar photovoltaic power generation system is subject to the actual operating environment such as shadows, debris, and solar panel aging, this power optimizer is still Can reduce the decline in power generation. A change in the existing solar photovoltaic system architecture is vulnerable to the impact of the actual operating environment.

In solar arrays using power optimizer technology and distributed MPPT, each panel is connected to a power optimizer device. The power optimizer performs dual tracking: On the one hand, they track the best local MPPs; on the other hand, they convert the input voltage/current into different output voltages/currents to maximize the energy transmission in the system. The power optimizer communicates with each other in an indirect way. They have cognitive and self-organizing capabilities, can detect their own current and voltage environment, and self-adjust until the entire row reaches the optimal value, while reaching a local optimization point at the panel level.

At the same time, the power optimizer architecture is perfectly compatible with existing multi-level inverters, which will allow them to operate more efficiently because the bus voltage can be kept higher and more constant. The power optimizer is not limited to improving the DC/DC converter performance. They can both handle the energy surplus and can handle the energy reduction situation, which means that the panel due to the reflected extra light can be treated like various shadows. Does not match; Similarly, this means that the power optimizer has the ability to cope with power changes by adding panels to a row (making the row generate more power) or by reducing one or two panels from a row (thus reducing power ). Field tests show that SolarMagic chips can recover more than 57% of lost power. With SolarMagic technology, users can easily upgrade the system after installation of the solar system for many years, significantly increasing the power generated by the photovoltaic system.

In addition to reducing the amount of power generated by photovoltaic systems, SolarMagic technology has a high degree of flexibility. This allows PV system retailers to have more room to work on new system designs. For a long time, the system design engineers had to reduce the solar panels and ensure that the solar panels were not affected by shadows. This overlooked the aesthetics of the exterior design and the entire design process was time and money consuming. If SolarMagic technology is used, system engineers can not only improve the power generation efficiency of the curettage system, but also can be more flexible and beautify the shape design, for example: use different lengths of the battery board, match the different brands of the battery board together, and even use the irregular shape Solar panels.

The practicality of SolarMagic technology has greatly expanded the potential market of solar energy systems. By recoiling power generation losses due to actual environmental factors, the availability of SolarMagic technology allows photovoltaic systems to be installed in more locations. Many places that are considered unsuitable for installing photovoltaic systems can use SolarMagic technology for solar energy utilization.

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