The first highly integrated smart meter power supply chip is listed

According to news, the MAX17497, a single-chip solution that meets the power requirements of smart meter communication and metering circuit modules, was released by Maxim Integrated Products.

Conventional smart meter solutions integrate only flyback controllers and high-voltage FETs. This architecture is very expensive and requires external regulators and other discrete components to meet application requirements, increasing the size and overall cost of the solution. The power companies and energy companies urgently need a compact, low-cost alternative.

The MAX17497 is optimized for industry-leading smart meter applications and provides multiple outputs. The device meets all the power supply requirements of the communication and metering circuits in the smart meter.

The MAX17497 integrates the control circuitry required for a universal input (85V to 265V), non-isolated flyback power supply. The device also includes a secondary synchronous buck regulator with a built-in MOSFET. These integrated functions are designed to support the power supply design of power line communication (PLC) drivers or RF transceivers, PLC/RF modems (2.5V/3.3V), and breaker relays, as well as high-precision metering, system-on-chip (SoCs) ) Strict voltage regulation requirements.

The MAX17497 offers great design flexibility. Regardless of the communication mechanism used, designers can configure the device to meet the power requirements of the smart meter.

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