Shandong Implements New Standard of Solar Energy Industry

The Shandong Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau and the Shandong Province Solar Energy Industry Association announced on the 21st that they will implement new industrial standards within the solar energy industry alliance in Shandong Province. Some of the new standards are higher than the current national standards.

According to the person in charge of the Solar Energy Industry Association of Shandong Province, Shandong Province is a major province in which solar water heaters are produced and sold. There are nearly 300 solar water heater manufacturers with a certain scale of production, and sales revenue from the solar thermal utilization industry reached 52 billion yuan in 2010. However, at the same time, many solar energy companies' products are simply imitated, lacking R&D and design capabilities; some companies' product materials and components do not conform to national standards, or the design is unreasonable; the technical level and product quality vary from company to company.

In response to this situation, the Shandong Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision and other departments started in September 2010 to form a solar industry alliance in Shandong Province and tried out new industry standards within the alliance. Director of Standardization Division of Shandong Province Quality and Technical Supervision Guo Dalei told reporters that the new coalition standards are not lower than the national standards, some indicators are higher than the national and industry standards; at the same time, Shandong Province will also be included in this standard after-sales service System. In the future, this standard will become the reference for the solar energy industry alliance in Shandong Province. Enterprises that are produced in accordance with this standard can use the Union Standard Mark on their products; Shandong Provincial Government Departments will support those that meet the standard.

Guo Dalei said that Shandong Province will use the implementation of the new standard to promote the survival of the fittest and upgrade the technology of the solar energy industry in Shandong Province, promote the industry to focus on high standards, and improve the competitiveness of enterprises. At the same time, in other key industries, Shandong Province will gradually implement the standardization of industry alliances. It is expected that the formulation of 10 key alliance standards will be completed this year.

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