Russia Releases New Standard for Wood Construction Screws and Male Screws

The Russian Timber Construction Association recently released a new standard for the design of connections for screws used in wood construction and externally threaded screws.

The standard is also in line with major European standards. In addition, the Italian company Rotho Blaas and the Russian partner trading company provide financial sponsorship for the development of this standard.

The standard was jointly developed by the Russian Timber Construction Association and the Department of Architectural Engineering Design of the St. Petersburg University. It aims to provide standards and technical support for the construction of timber, and helps to verify whether the product meets the relevant certification requirements and achieves integration with international standards.

The standard includes the following:

●"Connection requirements and test methods for nails, screws, male screws"

●"Connection Design of Wood Using Screw Fasteners for Timber Construction"

For more information on this standard, please visit the association's official website to view it.

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