Equipment Manufacturing Industry Needs to Strengthen Industry Innovation Construction

Equipment Manufacturing Industry Needs to Strengthen Industry Innovation Construction As we all know, equipment manufacturing industry is a strategic industry that provides technical equipment for various industries in the national economy. It has high industrial correlation, strong ability to absorb employment, and is intensive in technology. It is an important guarantee for industrial upgrading and technological progress in various industries and the concentration of national comprehensive strength. reflect.

According to reports, after years of development, China's equipment manufacturing industry has formed an industrial system with complete categories, large scale and a certain level of technology, and has become an important pillar industry of the national economy. In particular, since the implementation of the “Several Opinions of the State Council on Accelerating the Rejuvenation of the Equipment Manufacturing Industry”, the development of the equipment manufacturing industry has been significantly accelerated, the level of major technological equipment autonomy has been significantly improved, international competitiveness has been further enhanced, and the technological level and market share of some products have leapt to the world. Forefront.

According to relevant statistics, from 2006 to 2010, the added value of China's equipment industry has grown by more than 25%. In the first 11 months of 2010, the total number of equipment manufacturing enterprises above designated size increased by 21%. The business income reached 13 trillion yuan, an increase of 34% year-on-year; the total profit exceeded 900 billion yuan, and the industry-wide sales margin was 7.18%; Trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 30%. After extensive research, China will experience five major strategies in the development of its equipment manufacturing industry.

The first is the main attack on the high-end strategy . We must focus on high-tech products, accelerate the development of high-end machinery products that are heavily dependent on imports, and change the previous “can’t eat” demand into the “12th five-year” growth space. We must commit ourselves to the upgrading of traditional products to quality products and solve the chronic problems of “doing bad” and “not doing well” in traditional products, and improving the image of Chinese machinery products in the international and domestic markets.

The second is innovation-driven strategy. The " 12th Five-Year Plan" machinery industry must shift from relying too much on energy, resources, and other factors to drive development and shift to relying more on scientific and technological innovation, institutional and institutional management innovation, and personnel quality improvement to drive development. To realize "innovation-driven" not only needs to increase investment in product research and development, but more importantly, strengthen the construction of industry innovation systems and strengthen the cultivation of innovative talents and innovation capabilities.

The third is to strengthen the basic strategy. The " Twelfth Five-Year Plan" mechanical industry must do everything possible to strengthen the common basic fields of basic parts, basic technology, basic technology and other machinery industries. On the issue of strengthening the foundation, we must break the division of the original industry. The host industry and the parts and components industry must give full play to their respective advantages and support and cooperate with each other, and make every effort to advance.

The fourth is the strategy of integration. " Integrating the two technologies" is not only the integration of information technology into mechanical products, speeding up the development of digital products and intelligentization of mechanical products, realizing the enhancement of the functions of traditional mechanical products and the improvement of reliability; it is also not only the application of information technology to mechanical enterprises. Management and management, to R & D, production and enterprise management to information, automation, and network development, greatly improve the company's business management level; "dual integration," the depth of promotion lies in can promote the establishment of new development concepts, and promote research and development capabilities Innovations in product levels, market models, service systems, etc., improve the efficiency and effectiveness of R&D, design, manufacturing, enterprise management, and marketing services.

The fifth is the "green first" strategy. Energy-saving, emission-reduction and environmental friendliness are the basic requirements that must be taken seriously by the machinery industry's own production process during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period. The machinery industry should actively develop high-efficiency and energy-saving products, vigorously develop new energy equipment, and provide advanced equipment for users of all walks of life to save energy, reduce consumption, and reduce emissions. At the same time, the design and manufacture of mechanical products must pay more attention to the green concept that embodies the entire life cycle. Factors such as “high efficiency, low pollution, recyclability, and reusable resources” must be given priority. To develop the remanufacturing of mechanical products, adhere to the new industrialization path of green manufacturing and circular economy.


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