The Influence of Urbanization on the Economy of Aviation Industry

The Influence of Urbanization on the Economy of Aviation Industry On the surface, the township is a process in which the proportion of the urban population to the total population continues to increase. However, in fact, urbanization is the result of a series of perfect social security systems and economic restructuring.

In reality, urbanization is to improve the public facilities, living environment, and livelihood security of cities and towns, to form a city life attraction for rural residents, and to urge rural residents to “vote with their feet” to move into towns or to move rural areas to the direction of towns. change. Therefore, the continuous improvement of the urban social security system is one of the basic conditions for urbanization.

In addition to the social security system, the adjustment of the economic structure is also an indispensable condition. Life is nothing more than clothing, food, housing and transportation. In order to obtain the necessary elements of life, on the one hand, urban residents need jobs that can support their lives, and on the other hand, towns need enough daily necessities and other supplies. This requires that the economic structure of towns and villages be constantly adjusted: in rural areas, it is necessary to guide extensive agriculture to intensive agriculture, use science and technology to increase agricultural productivity, and thus to produce more agricultural products with fewer agricultural populations; In addition to traditional industries and manufacturing industries, it is necessary to fully develop high-end manufacturing and service industries in order to attract new urban population employment.

The impact of urbanization on the economy

The improvement of the social security system enables urban residents to live and work in peace and contentment, and can further relieve residents of their worries, improve their consumer confidence, and increase their overall spending power. The increase in the proportion of household consumption can optimize the domestic economic structure, which is conducive to the transformation of the economy from the current "extroversion" to "domestic demand".

The development of agriculture to intensive development will enable better organization of agricultural production, promote agricultural science and technology at a lower cost, increase the efficiency of agricultural production, and enable agricultural supply to meet the growing demand of urban residents, keeping prices stable. At the same time, the labor force transferred from rural areas to urban areas will supplement the labor gap caused by the aging of the urban population and alleviate the pressure of the lack of urban labor force.

The development of high-end manufacturing industries in cities and towns will help alleviate the problem of overcapacity in traditional industries and manufacturing industries in China, and further promote China's manufacturing to “precise” development. The development of the service industry can better provide financial, logistics, and information and other services for industrial and manufacturing industries. While further reducing the cost of financing, circulation, etc., enterprises can better grasp market dynamics and rationally plan production. At the same time, the development of service industries such as culture, education, and health can provide the society with cultural nourishment and more comprehensive life support, improve the overall quality of residents, and improve the residents' quality of life.

Impact of Urbanization on Aviation Industry on the Development of Air Passenger Transport

Urbanization has increased the spending power of all residents, and consumer confidence has increased. As a result, the ratio of household consumption to income has continued to increase. The expansion of consumption requires the expansion of production as support, and brings business opportunities for the expansion of business. The expansion of the business scale has led to more frequent business activities and has brought about continuous expansion of business customers for air transport.

At the same time, with the continuous improvement of the social security system, residents will spend more money on leisure and entertainment after meeting basic living needs. Tourism demand will be greatly stimulated. Safe, convenient and comfortable air transportation will become the choice of more and more long-distance tourists. Considering that business communication can be carried out using more and more convenient communication means, the growth of tourist resources will be faster than that of business tourists.

In addition, the domestic economic structure will change from "outward-oriented" to "domestic-demand" after urbanization. Therefore, whether it is business tourists or tourists, the growth rate of domestic tourists will exceed the growth rate of international tourists.

Impact on the development of air cargo

Urbanization has caused the domestic population to continue to concentrate in cities, which has led to an increase in the demand for goods and materials in cities, which has led to the continuous expansion of demand for material transportation.

In China, the transformation of the economic and industrial structure and economic structure will prompt the transformation of different cities in economic roles. Large coastal cities have been unable to maintain the low-cost advantages of traditional industries and manufacturing because of high land prices and high commodity prices. They will gradually transform their industries into high-end manufacturing and service industries. Mainland cities rely on the advantages of more convenient transportation and lower labor costs to become the transfer point of traditional industries and manufacturing industries. The adjustment of the industrial structure will increase the scale of material flow between coastal and inland cities, and gradually form a domestic material transportation circle.

At the same time, the increase in household consumption will continue to stimulate the development of domestic e-commerce and drive the growth of domestic small parcel shipments. The continued activity of domestic business activities will drive the development of letter-type express mail. Therefore, the domestic express delivery business will obviously benefit from the realization of urbanization.

In terms of international trade, the high-end manufacturing of coastal cities will support Chinese products to compete for the international high-end product market, while the traditional manufacturing industries in mainland cities will continue to send “Made in China” to the rest of the world with cost advantages. At the same time, the increase in residents' spending power will prompt the continued growth of imports. Therefore, international freight transportation will continue to grow for a longer period of time.

In general, urbanization will have a very beneficial impact on the development of the aviation industry.

In the aspect of passenger transport, business tourists and tourism tourists will all increase, among which tourist sources will grow faster. The domestic market will obviously benefit from the improvement of the social security system and economic restructuring under the background of urbanization, and it will have a faster growth rate than the international market.

In freight transportation, the domestic aviation logistics circle between coastal and inland cities and the international aviation logistics circle jointly supported by coastal and inland cities will effectively promote the development of China's air cargo. In China, thanks to the rapid growth of small parcels and letter-type express mail, the express delivery business will show a rapid development trend.

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