The development trend of the domestic mold training industry is obvious

The development trend of the domestic mold training industry is obvious Driven by the domestic equipment manufacturing industry, China's mold industry has developed rapidly during the “11th Five-Year Plan” period. According to incomplete statistics, China's mold manufacturers already have about 30,000. Attracted by the huge market, it is constantly joined by emerging companies, Hong Kong-owned companies, Taiwanese-funded and foreign-funded enterprises. The original companies are also pursuing greater development. At the same time, the level of domestic mold technology is also constantly improving. The mold personnel have more and higher requirements.

Therefore, the training of domestic mold technicians depends on professional mold training institutions, because university education mainly focuses on academic education, so the teaching philosophy is different, and the trainees are different. However, as a training institution, it must be superior to the university. First, it is the concept of running a school. Second, the characteristics of running a school should be major and professional. Cooperation with enterprises, combination of teaching and practice, and software certification must all have their own characteristics of running a school. In addition, at the same time of professional skills certification, we must also cooperate with universities to apply for diplomas. Therefore, the skills and diplomas are compressed on the one hand, but many courses are available. When they learn skills, they get diplomas. This is an advantage over running a university. These are all indicators of how well students can work.

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