In 2012, the University of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China Flying Vehicle Voice Application Summit was successfully held

Chinese Business News Network:

A few days ago, the 2012 Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronauts Voice Applications Summit successfully concluded in Lijiang, Yunnan. In the industry, HKUST launched the first-ever innovation concept of "4A," a car voice interactive application, and thus launched the flagship version of Car Language, which is based on the continuous optimization of traditional voice functions by adding local speech engines and natural language understanding. The technology and hardware noise reduction module fully demonstrates the significant advantages of easy development, full-environment, freedom, and high recognition of next-generation car audio interactive applications, or it will once again lead the development of car voice applications.

As the annual event of the car voice application industry, the summit attracted BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, SAIC, GAC, GM, Handan, Gaode, Kay Rucker, NavInfo, Zhongke Botai, Tianyuan, Luchang, and Excelle. , Huayang, and other well-known car manufacturers, front and rear loading suppliers, as well as navigation and map manufacturers of nearly 70 corporate executives to participate. The car voice applications have been unable to effectively solve the complex driving environment noise (noise at high speeds, air conditioning sounds, various noises when the window is open), poor network connectivity (network can not be connected, the signal is intermittent) The bottleneck of development, such as not being able to interact freely (limited to speech command word recognition), etc., has become the key to affecting the user's actual experience satisfaction.

Based on this, HKUST has built a "voice cloud + local" seamless engine platform, added a hardware noise reduction recording processing module, and continuously improved its natural language understanding technology to truly realize a new generation of car voice interactive applications more convenient and free. The application features of human nature can provide better "4A" experience for car users.

About the "4A" experience, that is, breakthroughs in speech recognition technology, hardware noise reduction processing, and accent adaptation in different dialects and languages, to meet the voice application requirements of any user (Anybody) in different driving environments; network coverage for vehicle environments The limitations, through the "cloud + end" full application conditions of the voice service channel, to help users in the traffic network is not connected, the signal is not good under the condition of the terminal voice function calls, so that they can experience anytime, anywhere (Anytime, Anywhere) To perfect voice services; Combining the rich demands of in-vehicle information services, through the addition of natural language understanding technology, support users through natural voice for POI search, map navigation, instant messaging, music FM, information search and other in-vehicle information services (Anything ), allowing users to express their own needs more natural and casual, no longer limited by the traditional voice command menu-style operation of the sturdy and flawed.

Currently, HKUST's voice recognition rate is as high as 90%, which further enhances the availability of in-vehicle voice functionality and enables users to truly experience the “4A” application experience. At the same time, in order to make it easier for partners to conduct application integration and business development, in addition to supporting a variety of operating systems, integrated interfaces for audio coordination and voice services, HKUST's next-generation car audio interactive applications provide sufficient Personalized business design space allows partners to develop voice interaction processes more quickly and achieve mutual benefits.

"Wisdom car life, wonderful times." Intelligent voice technology in the automotive field in-depth application of combination, has become an inevitable trend of automotive development. The successful convening of the summit will surely further enhance the company's cooperation with the vast majority of its partners, and promote the better and faster development of China's car voice application industry.

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