Wireless positioning technology - the advantages of zigbee products

With the advent of the smart factory era, in industries where personnel safety issues are important, such as mines, chemical plants, power plants and other dangerous goods manufacturing enterprises, in order to avoid the occurrence of personnel safety accidents, various companies have gradually equipped personnel positioning systems. . There are many kinds of positioning technologies for people, but there are still a lot of differences between technologies. In the outdoors, GPS can be used to locate people. However, indoor GPS signals cannot be used normally due to blockage of buildings, interference with signals from reinforced concrete, and low positioning accuracy. Here we look at the advantages and disadvantages of commonly used technologies:
1, WI-FI technology (high power consumption, poor stability)
The Wi-Fi positioning application employs the placement of a wireless base station in the area, and comprehensively determines the coordinates of the Wi-Fi equipment to be located based on the signal characteristics of the Wi-Fi equipment to be located, combined with the topology structure of the wireless base station. Wi-Fi positioning technology facilitates the use of existing wireless devices to implement the positioning function. However, due to the poor security of Wi-Fi, high power consumption, and spectrum resources approaching saturation, it is not conducive to long-term carrying and large-scale terminal equipment. Scale application.
2. Radio frequency identification RFID technology (only regional positioning can be achieved)
It uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to wirelessly excite short-range wireless tags to realize information reading technology. Radio frequency identification distance from a few centimeters to ten meters. The typical application of RFID for personnel positioning comes from the expansion of personnel attendance systems, mainly to identify whether people exist in a certain area, can not be tracked in real time, and the positioning application does not have a standard network system, therefore, does not apply to large-scale equipment Patrols, confirmation of personnel safety, etc.

3, UWB technology (high cost, good accuracy)
UWB (Ultra Wideband) is a carrierless communication technology that uses nanosecond to microsecond non-sinusoidal narrow pulses to transmit data. It typically uses the TDoA (Time Difference of Arrival) and ToF (Time Arrival) algorithms to implement information on the location of people or objects. . In addition, the UWB technology for the desired positioning of objects or personnel requires the laying of base stations and the wearing of tags. UWB technology can achieve a centimeter-level positioning level, but the positioning cost is high. It is suitable for industries with small positioning area and high economic value added. There are many millions of inputs in the factory field, and there is a bit of centimeter-level positioning for people. It is only for small use."
4, ZigBee positioning technology (applicable to personnel positioning field)
ZigBee is a low-power LAN protocol based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard. Its characteristics are close range, low complexity, self-organization, low power consumption, and low data rate. Mainly suitable for automatic control and remote control applications. It is its characteristics in the industrial field, its interference, low power consumption, full duplex, free wiring and other characteristics, it has the basic performance of the positioning system, which can achieve high cost performance after the communication protocol stack and algorithm processing Label positioning system. Positioning accuracy of up to 3m, local area accuracy of 1m, fully meet the needs of personnel positioning in the factory area under the premise of cost control.
In response to the complex environment of the project site, the new innovative zigbee positioning method has been upgraded. Firstly, the single-point sensing positioning, two-point linear positioning and three-point plane positioning are integrated, and the positioning is adjusted according to the position of the base station. Strategy to ensure the positioning effect in the replication environment. Second: The system does not rely solely on RSSI signal values ​​for processing. At the same time, it uses an advanced time-of-flight algorithm (TDoA) to optimize the signal processing so that the wireless signal is not interfered with by external factors to a great extent.
Zigbee technology networking and positioning have the following advantages:
High positioning accuracy: The company positioned the original zigbee protocol stack for upgrade optimization, positioning accuracy of 3 meters, local positioning accuracy of 1 meter, fully meet the factory's demand for real-time location of workers.
Data Security: The unique 128k encryption algorithm of Zigbee technology has strong anti-interference ability, which can prevent data leakage and wireless signal interference.
Energy-saving and low-power consumption: The company's identification card is optimized for battery usage in the protocol, making the positioning card's battery more durable. The working time of the battery can reach more than one year, at the same time, the radiation of low power consumption to the human body is also very low, equivalent to one ten thousandth of the mobile phone.
Wiring-free: The product only needs to deploy the power cable to the device installation position during the implementation of the project. No extra cabling is required, which saves a lot of wiring costs and makes it easier for routine maintenance and troubleshooting.
Full-duplex communication: The company's products use full-duplex communications at the communications provider to realize a two-way interactive communication method between the transmitter and the receiver, ensuring that signals can be received efficiently during data upload and distribution.
Massive address space: Expanded control of the address, up to 64,000 addresses, in some large-scale factory projects, not limited by the node.

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