4 kinds of dustproof measures help the cone crusher to clean production!

Mining friends who have experienced the 2017 “Environmental Protection War”, is 2018 still worried? But we all know that the working environment of the cone crusher is relatively harsh, basically outside, and the point that is difficult to avoid in the production process is “dust”. This is also a great damage to the mechanical equipment, if the accumulation of dust for a long time can easily affect the quality and efficiency of the crusher . For environmental protection and efficiency considerations, dust protection is extremely important!

1. Water seal dust-proof device This dust-proof device relies on the annular water supply tank on the bowl-shaped bearing frame and the spherical ring fixed at the lower end of the cone drive body. The spherical ring is inserted into the annular water supply tank. When the crusher is working, the spherical ring blocks the dust and causes it to fall into the water. The sealed water flows into the water tank from the inlet pipe, and overflows to the external annular drain groove after being filled into the water tank. Allow the dusty backwater to flow out of the machine through the drain.

However, due to the flying of the dust, the sealing water level is limited, and the spherical ring cannot be inserted into the deeper water. Under the swinging of the crushing cone, a part of the spherical ring is separated from the water surface, so that a part of the small particle dust enters the lubrication system through the bowl bearing, thereby Make the oil quality worse.

Second, the rubber ring pair - water seal dust-proof device according to the inner side of the cone drive and the outside of the bowl-shaped bearing frame to make a rubber ring pair, the tapered rubber ring is installed on the bowl-shaped bearing frame, the cylindrical rubber ring is installed in On the cone drive, and ensure that the rubber ring pair is in close contact in any direction. When the crusher is working, the cylindrical rubber ring rotates and oscillates with the crusher, and the tapered rubber ring on the bowl-shaped bearing frame is always tightly attached to the cylindrical rubber ring under the action of the elastic force, thereby avoiding the entry of dust. .

However, due to errors in fabrication and installation, very little of the dust enters the sink. Therefore, a water seal dustproof device must also be used.

The dust-proof device is essentially two-way dustproof, and the material of the apron must have good elasticity, wear resistance and heat resistance, and the rubber sheet is currently difficult to find. With ordinary rubber sheets or V belts, the service life is very short.

3. Water seal—The felt dustproof device selects the industrial felt with a thickness of 3-8mm. On the outer edge of the oil return groove of the bowl-shaped bearing frame, the felt is fixed on the plate by the pressure plate. The height of the felt should be guaranteed to have a compression of 3-5 mm. The felt after installation should be lubricated to reduce the wear of the felt.

This is also a two-way dust-proof device. In the water-sealing dust-proof device, most of the coarse dust has fallen into the water, and a part of the fine dust flies up and is blocked by the felt, thereby preventing the dust from entering the lubrication system.

This method is simple, has a good sealing effect and a long service life. It has been proved by practice that after a few months of use, the bowl-shaped bearing is very clean, without fine sand and dust, the lubricating oil is basically unchanged, and the felt is intact.

Fourth, the foam dust-proof device first removes the dust-proof ring on the bowl-shaped bearing frame, and cleans the ring-shaped return tank, and then selects the foam material of appropriate thickness (generally 10~20mm larger than the width of the water tank) and cuts it into " The mouth shape, the height must be guaranteed to have a stretch of 20~30mm, and it can be fixed in the back water tank with "tape". When the crusher is running, it relies on the elasticity of the foam and always sticks to the spherical ring, thus avoiding the possibility of dust entering.

The disadvantage of this method is that since a large amount of dust enters the foam during work, the foam is hardened, the elasticity is lowered, and the dustproof effect is lost, so the service life is short.


The various dust-proof devices provided above have their own lengths and are also short. The most important thing is "applicability", that is, you need to choose the appropriate dust-proof device according to the working environment of the crusher and the broken materials, more effectively ensure the normal operation of the crusher and ensure high-quality production.

Centrifugal Froth Pump

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