Wellbore maintenance worker safety measures

1, you must do this type of work rules and operating procedures comply with the "Coal Mine Safety Regulations" and the rules and regulations.

2. All kinds of labor protection products must be worn. When working in the wellbore, the seat belt must be fastened and one end of the seat belt should be locked on a firm steel beam or lifting ring. The tools used are fast ropes to prevent falling, and the personnel wear safety helmets and Good headband, wear the miner's lamp with you.

3, check a variety of lifting equipment, such as cranes, wire rope buckles, shackles, etc. must be safe and reliable, well qualified.

4, ramp construction used must be strong and firmly lap when iron wire bundle it securely.

5. The layers of the well tower should be cleaned before construction. No objects can fall from the construction during the construction.

6. Check whether the 8T back column winch, rope car and pressure bar are firmly fixed before construction. Check the binding situation at any time during construction.

7. During the operation of the wellbore, the tools must be grasped and held firmly. When passing, the personnel should cooperate well to avoid falling into the bottom of the well. The clamp must be secure when it is stuck.

8. During the construction process, the ropes must be broken in strict accordance with the order of measures, the nozzle pins under the buckets should be removed, the new tail rope heads should be introduced, and the tail rope connecting device should be connected with the lower nozzle of the bucket for construction.

9. After the new tail rope reaches the ground, the special bottom of the well is set to measure the size, and the new tail rope head is disconnected at the bottom of the well.

10. Check if the tail rope connecting device is firmly connected.

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