Popularization of flotation ore (flotation) basic knowledge

That flotation froth flotation beneficiation methods is to divide the mineral composition according to different physical and chemical properties of the mineral surfaces.

During the flotation process, the ups and downs of minerals are almost independent of mineral density. Such as brass and mineral quartz, the former density of 4.2, which is 2.66, but the heavy mineral chalcopyrite readily float, but quartz settle to the bottom. It has been found that the floatability of minerals is related to the affinity of water. Any mineral that has a high affinity with water and is easily wetted by water is difficult to adhere to bubbles and is difficult to float. Minerals that have low affinity with water and are not easily wetted by water are easy to float. Therefore, it can be said that flotation is a beneficiation method based on the difference in mineral wettability of minerals.

The nature of minerals that are easy to float and difficult to float is generally referred to as the floatability of minerals. Flotation is the use of the difference in the floatability of minerals to sort minerals. In the modern flotation process, the application of the flotation agent is particularly important, because after the flotation agent treatment, the floatability of the mineral can be changed, so that the mineral to be floated can selectively adhere to the bubble, thereby achieving the purpose of beneficiation.

Flotation is one of the most important methods of mineral processing. According to statistics, 90% of all non-ferrous metal ore processing flotation process. In addition, the flotation method is also widely used for the selection of mineral raw materials such as rare metals, precious metals, ferrous metals, non-metals and coal . In recent years, flotation has been used at home and abroad for water purification and sewage treatment. It can be seen that the application range of the flotation method is quite extensive. Compared with other beneficiation methods, when flotation is used to select fine-grained ore, the effect is better and more economical and reasonable. Flotation is also commonly used to select fine fractions of coarse or coarsely unevenly infiltrated ore.

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