What kind of maintenance should the garbage truck do after entering the winter?

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After entering the fall and winter, the garbage truck should be maintained in time. The overall maintenance items include the following items:

1 , basic maintenance of garbage truck: mainly check and replace the oil and antifreeze. Oil is the replacement of lower viscosity, higher grade oil. Antifreeze is best changed every 2 years.

2. Garbage Truck Power Maintenance: Mainly the maintenance of carbon deposits, batteries and tires. Carbon deposits cause the garbage truck to start up unsmoothly or without acceleration; check the tires for scratches, because rubber tends to harden in autumn and winter, and tires are prone to leaking or tying tires. Battery life is generally only 2-3 years, but also need to check the replacement.

3 , comfortable maintenance of garbage truck: mainly check and clean the air conditioning system. In winter, the garbage truck should be opened after the air conditioning should be hot, and the cab must be cleaned and disinfected.

4. Garbage truck hydraulic oil maintenance: In winter, the temperature will decrease. The garbage truck hydraulic oil should also be replaced with antifreeze hydraulic oil.

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