Garbage truck solution to some minor problems

First, the engine is difficult to start
1, cold start difficult, start after the vibration, vibration at low speed. It may be spark plug failure or ignition timing is too early. It is advisable to go to the nearest service station for overhaul.
2. It is difficult to start when the temperature is low in winter. The main reasons are: low temperature, low gasification rate of fuel; difficulty in starting the mixer due to thinning and non-flammability; large viscosity of the lubricating oil, increased engine operating resistance and difficulty in starting; the chemical reaction of the battery electrolyte is slow, resulting in start-up Insufficient power output, insufficient starter power, and insufficient ignition voltage make it difficult to start the engine.
Garbage trucks should warm up the engine before starting in the cold season to avoid difficulties in starting at low temperatures in winter.
Second, engine lubrication
1. Lubricant pressure indicator lights up when accelerating. Indicates that the lubricating oil pressure is too low. This may be due to filter plugging, low lubricant, pump failure, and other causes. It is advisable to go to the nearest service station for overhaul. Or the lube oil pressure indicator system has malfunctioned and the indicator light has been lit incorrectly. It is advisable to go to the nearest service station for overhaul.
2, excessive consumption of lubricants. Lubricants have normal consumption in a good condition, but when the vehicle is in poor condition, the exhaust color of the vehicle is blue. This means that the consumption of lubricant oil is too large. The main reason for the consumption of lubricant oil is to enter the combustion chamber to participate in combustion. Or oil leaks. It is advisable to promptly approach the service station for overhaul.
Third, the generator is unstable
1. The throttle body of the engine is dirty or sloppy. When the throttle valve and the idle valve of the engine valve body are heavily fouled, the engine will experience idling too low, poor stability, or no idle, and the throttle valve will be stuck when refueling. It is generally advisable to clean the throttle body whenever the vehicle is about 20,000 kilometers. After cleaning, it should be set up through the diagnostic device to make it work normally.
2, the engine jitter is serious, the fault indicator will occasionally shine. The reason is that unclean fuel has caused contamination or clogging of the oil supply system. The use of dirty fuel can cause fuel supply, ignition, and emissions system contamination, which in turn can cause engine fault indicators to light up and varying degrees of engine vibration.
The solution is to thoroughly clean the contaminated system, continue to add stable gasoline, and add a fixed amount of oil cleaner.
Fourth, engine exhaust color.
1, garbage truck exhaust color blue. In the garbage truck, a large amount of lubricating oil enters the cylinder and can't complete the combustion; sometimes the engine cold starts to emit blue smoke, but when the car is hot, it's okay. It is advisable to go to the 4S store for maintenance.
2. Garbage exhaust color is black. Due to incomplete combustion of fuel. It will cause a drop in power and economic deterioration. It is recommended to go to the 4S shop for maintenance.
3. Garbage trucks are white in color, severe when they are cold, and do not emit white smoke after hot cars. This is because gasoline contains water, and the engine is too cold. At this time, the fuel entering the cylinder is not completely burned, resulting in fog or water vapor generating white smoke. In the winter or rainy season, white smoke is often seen when the car is first started. Once the engine temperature increases, white smoke will increase. This state does not require maintenance.

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