What is the power of the wrecker?

Dongfeng wrecker engine uses a Cummins electronic fuel injection system. Its Hall sensor is installed in the distributor. Some maintenance personnel use conventional distributors only to adjust the ignition time using the distributor, or think that the Hall sensor is not important (because the connection line of the distributor can be pulled out and the vehicle can be “normal”), which is easy to produce during maintenance work. Mistakes. In fact Hall sensor is one of the most important sensors. Although the distributor has the role of sub-fire, but it can not be used to adjust the ignition time, it is the basis for the ECU to determine the fuel injection time. If the adjustment position is incorrect, a hall fault code is generated and the ECU executes a spare fuel injection system. The engine speed is limited to 4500 r/min or less.

Adjustment method: read engine data stream 07 with the detector: the first position is the camshaft position sensor down signal, the normal value is 59-60; the second position is the camshaft position sensor up signal, the normal value is 5-8. Rotate the distributor forward and backward to the values. This method is suitable for small red flag, FAW pickup and Passat B4 and other models.

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