Low-temperature circulating dryer unveiled at the International Exhibition

China Drying Network The 12th China International Cereals, Oil Products and Equipment Technology Exhibition was held at the Jinan Qineng International Exhibition Center. The low-temperature circulating dryer equipment of the Shepherd Group Co., Ltd., which was debuted by Jiangsu Muyang Equities Group Co., Ltd., received great attention from the attendees, gained recognition from the industry and attracted many domestic and foreign customers.

During the exhibition, Mr. Bai Meiqing, President of the China Grain Industry Association, and Ms. Zhang Guifeng, Deputy Director of the State Grain Administration, came to the Shepherd Equity Booth and listened carefully to the introduction of products by the staff. He fully affirmed the technology and quality of the products of the Shepherd Group. Chairman Bai and his party came to the Shepherd Group dryer and listened to the introduction of Mr. Sun Xuqing, Vice President of Jiangsu Muyang Group, and Mr. Li Haibing, the owner of Emu Drying Equipment Co., Ltd., and gave them five advantages such as the high efficiency and low energy of the shepherd's low-temperature circulating dryer. Highly praised.

According to the relevant person in charge of Jiangsu Muyang Equity Group Co., Ltd., the “low-temperature circulating dryer” brought about by this time has five advantages: gravity discharge, sheet thickness, extra-large dry layer, axial fan before and after configuration, and no drying. The reporters learned that in this year, shepherding equity group has become the largest supplier of medium grain drying in China by virtue of this advantageous product. Establishing high-quality, standardized model projects in various local food bureau systems has become a leader in the nation's drying industry.

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