LED lighting leader: Sunshine released LED product strategy

A few days ago, China's LED lighting leader Sun Lighting held a 2014 (China) LED product strategy conference in Zhejiang. Chairman of the China Lighting Association Liu Shengping, Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Times Light Yu Anqi, Sunshine Group Deputy Director Chen Wei, Sunshine Group General Manager Guan Yong, Sunshine Group Deputy General Manager Wu Guoming, Sunshine Group Deputy General Manager Zhang Yizhong Industry The government and company leaders attended the meeting.
At the meeting, Vice Chairman Chen Wei first gave a speech on how to fully expand the Chinese market. Subsequently, Chairman Liu Shengping, deputy general manager of Shanghai Times Light, Yu Anqi also spoke, introducing the current competitive status and development direction of the industry. Then, General Manager Guan Yong, domestic market sales director Ma Jianxing, and director of the domestic market product management center Chen Yiping also delivered their own unique opinions.
The reporter learned at the scene that in addition to the product release and market strategy introduction, the dealers also visited the Sunshine LED new product display, LED product manufacturing workshop, through the on-site understanding of various LED product production processes, with eye view With the ear, the feeling of the hand, plus the experience of lighting effects in the new showroom, you can feel the power of the sun LED. It is worth mentioning that the establishment of China's LED lighting leading brand and the achievement of annual LED new product sales intention of more than 800 million yuan, is the three-year development goal and outstanding achievements of Sunshine Lighting at the product strategy conference.
By comparing a number of well-known LED lighting products, it is known that the sun lighting LED lamp is the most cost-effective. Sunshine LED products use imported chips, listed company package, pure copper frame, gold wire, good heat dissipation, long life; sunlight LED aluminum substrate uses 1060 high-grade aluminum substrate, insulation withstand voltage AC2500V or more; sunlight LED driver meets CQC safety standards, using chip Two-stage drive switching power supply, isolation transformer circuit, safety extra low voltage design. In addition to the strong technical strength of the products, the strength of the Sunlight Lighting Enterprise is also not to be underestimated. Through clean production audit, the company has won the title of green enterprise and passed the ISO14001 environmental system certification. It has also won the honorary certificates of national contract-honoring and credit-respecting enterprises, key high-tech enterprises, and the first Chinese export-free inspection enterprise in the domestic lighting industry.
In particular, Sunshine Lighting has the first postdoctoral research station in the domestic lighting industry. Based on the strong scientific research strength of sunlight in the electric light source industry, the workstation relies on state-level lighting testing centers and other scientific research institutions to comprehensively promote technological innovation and industrial progress of solar LED lighting.

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