Topp Solar Insect Killer Features

Solar insecticidal lamp trapping and killing of pests and diseases is a new type of plant protection instrument for physical prevention and control of harmful organisms. It is specialized in R&D and production by Zhejiang Top Instruments, and it is a high-tech product that meets the strategic requirements for sustainable agricultural development. Solar insecticidal lamp is the conversion of solar energy into electrical energy, the use of special nano insecticidal lamp, the use of biological characteristics of nocturnal insect pests phototaxis, with different nanometer wavelength light source to attract pests to the high voltage power grid, contact and die.

Solar insect killer has the following features:

1. Solar insecticidal lamps and modern agricultural sustainable development and the production of green agricultural products.

2. Safe and non-hazardous, energy-saving and power-saving, simple device, compared with DC alternating current, have unique advantages.

3, dark automatic light, light control and time control two modes, perfect solution to the cumbersome manual operation, no manual operation.

4. There are many kinds of pests and insect pests, and the insecticidal efficiency is high. Experiments and calculations in vegetables and orchards can kill more than 1,000 common pests.

5. The probability of killing enemies of insects is low, and the distance between the electrodes of high-voltage electric shock nets is designed to be the best distance. About 4% of the large grass ridge insects are killed and the enemy is maximally protected.

6. The scope of application is wide, and various crops, garden flowers, fisheries and nature reserves in towns, rural areas, forestry and mountains can all be used.

7, prevention and control and plot, a lamp can prevent and control 10 hectares, one-time investment, benefit for many years.

8, beautiful appearance, both insecticide, but also night lighting.

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