2014 Beijing Mass Spectrometry Annual Meeting

2014 Beijing Mass Spectrometry Annual Meeting
Beijing East-West Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd. has more than 20 years of history in analytical instrument R&D, manufacturing, and service. It is a high-tech enterprise in Beijing and an international company in the analytical instrument manufacturing industry. In the industry took the lead through the ISO9001 international quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, a number of products obtained the EU CE certification, the China Preventive Medicine Association Weijian special committee product trust units.
"Perfect analysis, shine things." The company is backed by the strength of scientific research and technology, guaranteed by quality management, and supported by perfect after-sales service to provide users with high-quality analytical instrument products.
The 2014 Beijing Mass Spectrometry Annual Meeting, organized by the Beijing Institute of Physics, Chemistry, Analysis and Testing Technology, Beijing Mass Spectrometry Society, and co-organized by the Beijing Mass Spectrometry Center of the National Large Scientific Instrument Center, opened on March 21, 2014 at the Lafayette Castle Hotel in Beijing. Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd. sponsored this conference and brought new inorganic mass spectrometry technology and latest application examples to participants.
The conference report of the mass spectrometry annual meeting highlights the theme of "life science". The organizers invited Academician Zhang Xuemin of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences, Academician Wan Lijun of the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Liu Xiaoyun of Peking University, Dong Mengqiu of the Beijing Institute of Life Sciences, and Wang Jingyu of the Center for Medical and Health Analysis of Peking University to introduce the mass spectrometry technology in life. Scientific applications and innovations. After the meeting, academic salons and mass spectrometry skills training sessions were organized to provide young scholars with excellent opportunities for communication and learning.
At the annual meeting of mass spectrometry, the 25-year “analysis of things” devoted to the domestic analytical instruments business has brought a new look. “Eastwest Analysis” acquired and merged the internationally renowned brand GBC Scientific Equipment Pty Ltd in 2013. At the meeting, Dr.Andrew Flynn Saint, product manager of Optimass 9500 ICP-TOF-MS of GBC Company introduced the new time-of-flight mass spectrometry technology and application.
Flynn introduced that Optimss can provide analysis speed five times faster than competing technologies and can continuously scan all ions in the range of 1-260 amu for reliable and complete data, with semi-quantitative, traceable semi-quantitative and fingerprinting. Map function. In terms of applications, Flynn demonstrated the combination of Optimass 9500 with hydride generation, LC, and laser ablation (LA) in a variety of application examples in new areas such as: Criminal Investigation Science (Drug/Drug Origin Identification, Ink Trace Identification) The unique application of archaeological research (relics origin analysis, artwork research), geological research (rare metal detection, sample local analysis) and food and soil analysis has attracted the attention of participants.
In the salon session, Flynn and the participants conducted an in-depth discussion on the inorganic mass spectrometry technology and detailed answers to questions raised by each participant. Everyone expressed great interest in this new technology and was full of expectations.

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