Red wine can't resist oxidation and prolong life

Resveratrol, which is considered to be a health-favorable ingredient in red wine, has failed to promote longevity in Italians, and the diet that people eat is rich in antioxidants, the researchers said. One study involved 783 men and women over the age of 65 who found that they did not live longer and that they also developed heart disease and cancer. The study was led by Richard Bridge West of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Previous laboratory studies have shown that resveratrol, also found in grapes, peanuts and chocolate, may have unique advantages that can help slow aging or keep cells healthy. However, the lack of evidence that it helps humans prevent the use of antioxidants in keeping disease in the bay is recommended. In 2010, GSK fell to mimic the development of resveratrol because it did not help cancer patients.
"This study shows that dietary resveratrol from the Western diet of elderly people living in the community does not have a significant impact on inflammation, cardiovascular disease, cancer, or longevity," the researchers described in the journal. In this study, researchers used urine metabolite levels to measure resveratrol consumption groups. Qiaoxi said the results of the study suggest that something else may be resveratrol outside of work because previous studies have shown that wine and chocolate reduce the link between inflammation and damage the heart.

Double stations Blister Sealing Machine

Double stations blister sealing machine applications

The pulse fever comes from the heating element of the mould/die, combines the plastic and the paper card perfectly. The heat sealed products is not only with anti-moisture and anti-dust function but also makes the products in a good-looking appearance.
Applies to plastic blister(made by PVC, PET, PETG etc) seal with paper card. It`s suitable for such as toys, stationery, foods, commodity, cosmetics, hardware, medicine, etc. Like lipstick, toothbrush, battery, surgical instruments, etc.

Double stations blister sealing machine Features

1. The machine using four guide pins to guide the pressure plate, it is more flat, the pressure is more stable, the paper card and blister         adhesive perfectly.
2. Unique pressure plate heating delay design allows the sealed products much better and more attractive.
3. The round plate (square plate) can be rotated clockwise or anticlockwise freely.
4. Fix with Φ80mm cylinder, can assure pressure, also assure stable sealing and good looking.
5. Small size machine allows to put anywhere and easy to handle and convenient to operate, also should improve the work efficiency.

Double stations blister sealing machine Parameters





Power supply

220v 50Hz



Size of the seal


Working station

2 working stations



Machine size




Double Stations Blister Sealing Machine

Double Stations Blister Sealing Machine

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