LED marketing level innovation and breakthrough is an urgent task

When the traditional lighting market was fully launched in the past, when the bosses of Zhongshan Guzhen earned a lot of money, who would have the heart to do marketing breakout and innovation? At this time, a certain line of home lighting brands are far-sighted and comprehensively carry out market breakthrough work, such as taking the lead in setting up offices, taking the lead in developing channels, taking the lead in importing specialty stores, and taking the lead in channel value-added services. In this way, in exchange for the status of today's industry rivers and lakes. In the same way, when the current LED market breaks through a chaotic confusion, it is more necessary to innovate and break through the LED marketing level. LED marketing breakout, no time to delay! The way of using the soldiers is a matter of heart. Marketing strategy and tricks are not the way. Stupid thought, innovation breakthrough, can start from the following aspects: First, channel innovation model innovation, such as vendor integration model, shareholding model, mutual assistance model, joint venture model. Second, the innovation of channel extension level, LED channel does not mean selling in traditional channels. In fact, supermarkets, hardware, township markets, and engineering agency channels of related industries can be sold. The third is the innovation of the cooperation model. The reason why many building materials and home furnishing enterprises can't do it is that there is no suitable talent. The reason why there is no suitable talent is relatively different from the talents in the home appliance or fast-selling industry. . But talent outside the industry does not understand the LED lighting market, which is their limitation. Therefore, how to cooperate with professional managers who have the ability and understanding of the industry, can not simply adopt the mode of collecting money and working. Fourth, the innovation of the channel development model, the enterprises participating in this exhibition, either to develop the market with traditional centralized operations, or to conservatively wait for the former to be half-worked, and the latter is conservative and has insufficient progress. In fact, in the digital age, the precision marketing model is a powerful weapon for developing the market. The fifth is the innovation of the profit model. How to help the dealers? How to introduce more scientific methods of earning money for dealers. In fact, it is a problem in the entire industry. Of course, there are many ways to innovate, not limited to the above five levels. In this article, the author will discuss the topic of LED marketing innovation in detail in the following articles.

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