Wearing parts should be replaced regularly in car maintenance

From the analysis of the status of China's existing imported cars and the requirements of future economic development on imported cars, it can be concluded that the market capacity of imported auto repair parts is very large, whether it is imported or domestic. Look at the market from the maintenance law to further analyze the different needs of the imported auto repair parts market. To maintain the daily operation of the necessary repair parts: such as a variety of liners, oil seals, belts, electrical equipment parts, etc., and then expand a little, such as various friction parts and other so-called consumables. These parts do not have to be replaced during large and medium repairs. They are only replaced during routine maintenance (including secondary maintenance) and operation.

According to the needs of the development of the national economy, the plan for importing automobiles is proposed. After studying with the departments in need and foreign trade, the appropriate models are selected to organize imports. In the use of the required departments, necessary maintenance and repairs, replacement of repair parts are involved. This involves the production, supply, and import of auto parts. In conjunction with the specific situation in China, high-performance use of imported cars requires scientific research. The department conducts research and guidance. It can also list other relevant departments such as customs, transportation, commodity inspection, insurance and other departments. These departments form a complete link to ensure that imported cars can fully exert their expected effects. We tentatively called this complete link made up of relevant departments the function chain of imported automobiles. The central part of this functional chain is the use of departments. All other aspects of the function guarantee chain, regardless of its role, are used to serve the central part of the metropolis. The effectiveness of imported vehicles is also reflected in this central link. The life cycle of imported cars: As with the life cycle rules of goods, imported cars, from the time they are put into use to being discarded, usually undergo a period of knowledge, periods of restoration of imported car repairs, and aging, until they are finally scrapped.

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