Learn about your skin with the Clara app

Skin conditions have always been a sensitive topic, and today people can have a different experience for their skin problems. It is understood that people can diagnose some skin symptoms by diagnosing Clara online. Clara is an iOS and Android app. People can send relevant photos anonymously to certified dermatologists to check the skin condition. .
It is reported that before this summer, Clara in Germany entered the United States first into service. People only need to upload two photos through the application, fill out a questionnaire, and pay $39 for the consultation, and Clara promises to respond within the next 48 hours.
Although telemedicine has advanced technology, it also has its limitations. Clara diagnoses skin symptoms. The vast majority of them can be diagnosed through photographs without physical examination. The company did not say that its services can only serve as a supplement rather than a substitute for seeing a doctor in person. In some cases, there is still a need for spot or follow-up treatment, but this is rare. Clara offers a money-back guarantee for dissatisfied customers.
The app is a common way to ask about sexually transmitted diseases. According to Clara co-founder Simon Lorenz, many patients have their own privacy, so users are encouraged to choose to send photos anonymously. In the future, Clara plans to add video conferencing options, not just for the skin.

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